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Comment: I guess I have been lucky... (Score 1) 467

by DaFork (#30049594) Attached to: Attack of the PowerPoint-Wielding Professors

All the professors I had in college used PowerPoint correctly. I was a CS major so perhaps my professors PowerPoint literacy rate was better than average.

My professors would make their own short slides and use each slide as a launching point for that part of the lecture. I would print the slides in note taking format prior to class and supplement the lecture with handwritten notes. I always thought it was a great way to learn.

Media (Apple)

Apple Sued For Turning Workers Into Slaves 1153

Posted by CmdrTaco
from the waiting-for-a-jon-ives-designed-prison dept.
SwiftyNifty writes "Apple employees are putting together a class action lawsuit for not receiving overtime pay. A Lawsuit filed Monday in California seeks class action status alleging that Apple denied technical staffers required overtime pay and meal compensation in violation of state law. Filed in the US District Court for Southern California, the complaint claims that many Apple employees are routinely subjected to working conditions resembling indentured servitude, or 'modern day slaves,' for lack of better words."

+ - GUI Design Book Recommendations? 8

Submitted by jetpack
jetpack writes: I've always hated writing user interfaces, and graphical user interfaces in particular. However, I suspect that is largely because I have no clue how to write a *good* one. By this, I don't mean the technical aspects, like using the APIs and so on. I mean what are the issues in designing an interface that is clean, easy to understand and easy to use? What are things to be considered? What are things to be avoided? What are good over-all philosophies of UI design?

To this end, I'd like to pick up a book or two (or three) and get my learn on. I'd appreciate some book suggestions from the UI experts in the Slashdot crowd.

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