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+ - Work vs. Pay

Submitted by
DRAGONWEEZEL writes "Hi! I am at a crossroads in my life, and one path leads to excessive responsibillity and mediocre pay, but no commute. The other path leads to good pay, a carrer step up, and a horrible commute. Both jobs have great long term outlooks, and if I succeed at the first, moving above and beyond the later would be simple. I have no education, and came to my knowledge through HKU. (Hard Knox University) My real question is... How long do you work for "submarket pay" to gain easy access to greater responsibility and experiences than your qualifications would indicate that you're capable of? What determines for you that you are "there." How do you make the leap from proving yourself to being payed what you are now worth? I know that if your thinking about spreading your wings, you are usually ready to leave, but right now, my options aren't so clear to me, and I was wondering how You feel about it."

+ - Geekiest Decorations for Halloween

DRAGONWEEZEL (125809) writes "I am trying to add a new fright to my collection each year, and I was just wondering these few questions:
What is the geekiest thing you have done for Halloween?
What is the least expensive prop that gave the biggest BOO for the Buck?
How / why have you used a computer in your props?"

All the simple programs have been written.