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Comment: Re:When you are inside the box ... (Score 1, Informative) 270

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Of course, we know now that McCarthy did not engage in "witch hunts" at all. There really were communists in the State Department, and they really did mean to use their position to overthrow the government. Sorry to have to make you re-write your history like that, but inconvenient facts must be accepted. Or is that one of those nitpicky rules for the little people that never applies to ourselves?

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I love how you totally ignored the content of the article (and the author's rank are "education, healthcare, and other social goods into the home through immersive, innovative applications" going to be delivered...what the hell are they, even? What is this healthcare application that requires fiber otherwise it won't work?

Instead, it seems this was just another platform for a left-wing narrative to air itself out. America is bad, spreading despair, murdering hope, and hoping for the worst. How about some on-topic conversation? About these social goods that require fiber?

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Bicycling accomplishments are a better use of tax money than any road or sewer. It's important to show the rejection of cars and also publically show that a bicycle city can be done. If some hicks from the sticks don't get their police 'protection' then that's just tough shit.

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Isn't it odd that no matter how much progress America makes, the Left is always ready with a cutting criticism? Even considering that up until recently, new immigrants were expected to assimilate into the existing society, instead of having exceptions made for them?

Go ahead and try that bullshit anywhere else in the world. How welcoming is Egypt to new people? Nigeria? China? Thailand? Oh, but America somehow fails to live up to an imaginary ideal that NOBODY IN THE WORLD does, so that's wrong and we should hate Americans for that.

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Well, it was supposed to be used as a weapon against our enemies in time of war. Now that the threat is no longer around, the legislation needs to sunset and everything needs to go back to how it was.

Unfortunately, the federal government has a very bad record of giving up power once it's got it. It uses that power to gain more power, and so on. And we end up with a modern tyranny and scolding voices saying, "we're forcing you to do this for your own good".

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You know, the US Constitution was written explicitly to prevent tyranny. When you start bumping up against its limits and grouching that you need more power, and this damned document won't let you, this means you're on the wrong side.

When the editorial pages of the New York Times express admiration for tyrants abroad and your fundraisers openly state that the executive needs more power (what, being the President of the United States isn't enough power, WTF) then you have a problem and you need to go through and re-think your entire worldview, starting from base principles. Either that, or We The People need to introduce you dictatorial fuckheads to hemp rope and cottonwood trees.

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The SOVIETS, not the Russians. The Soviet Union conquered many different ethnic groups for their empire, and the Russians were only one of them.

I think a lot of people forget that Russia was just the first nation to fall to the Soviets. Just like Germany was the first nation to fall to the Nazis.

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Stop inventing imaginary scenarios. You're talking out your ass and have no idea what you're saying. While you weren't paying attention, the days of cheap labor in China ceased several years ago. The buzz these days is all about Vietnam and Burma. I say again, STOP inventing points of view from imaginary people you aren't familiar with, just because it fits your narrative.

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That's a common reaction to hearing viewpoints with which you disagree. Where's the "Science, bitches!" crowd now? Remember, science is always right and if it tells us we need to radically restructure our society and change cherished modes of thinking, then that's just what has to happen and anyone who disagrees is a denialist.

I'd rather just believe that it's done by little elves running around.