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Comment: Just play minecraft instead (Score 1) 126

by DNS-and-BIND (#47413653) Attached to: Dwarf Fortress Gets Biggest Update In Years
Minecraft is pretty much a ripoff of Dwarf Fortress, the creator has openly admitted this. But he made it colorful and dumbed it down a lot, so naturally he's rich now. Dwarf Fortress regularly gets negative coverage from game reviewers who offer such sparkling insights as "What the hell is this? It looks like a dot-matrix printer exploded on my screen." So just play Minecraft to get the same experience.

Comment: Re:If you can observe it, it is not religion (Score 1) 94

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You conveniently ignore the religious aspects of modern left-wing thought in the environmental area. Who are Ghandi and Nelson Mandela but modern-day saints who can do no wrong? Nobody is allowed to ask how Mandela's people invented necklacing because it is heresy.

Be real, real careful about claiming that science supports you and you alone. It has a nasty habit of turning against you. Because it is, you know, evidence-based.

Comment: Nobody check this (Score 3, Insightful) 95

by DNS-and-BIND (#47408259) Attached to: Thousands of Leaked KGB Files Are Now Open To the Public
These old KGB archives are very inconvenient. They have a lot of damaging information about people who are still in politics, who cooperated in the past. It's not a good thing for the world to remember that the KGB funded the anti-nuclear movement in Europe, or Greenpeace, or Amnesty International. Let's just let this quietly lay. Fortunately, it's all in Russian and translators are a pain in the ass.

Comment: Re:more leisure time for humans! (Score 1) 514

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Dictatorship is an innate characteristic of communism. I'm not sure how you learned otherwise. It's not like they keep it a secret. Communists are quite proud of the fact.

"You are dictatorial." My dear sirs, you are right, that is just what we are. All the experience the Chinese people have accumulated through several decades teaches us to enforce the people's democratic dictatorship, that is, to deprive the reactionaries of the right to speak and let the people alone have that right.
-- Mao Zedong

Comment: Re:Actually makes good sense (Score 1) 656

You're not thinking like a terrorist. They don't care about a line at the airport, they want a big flashy attack that will make all the newspapers. If Boko Haram had attacked small schools all over Nigeria instead of one big one, would they have gotten into the news? Nope, forget it, it the mainstream media wouldn't have paid attention. But now everyone knows the name Boko Haram and what they want: Western influence out of Nigeria, permanently.

Comment: Re: How about (Score 2) 368

"pro-unrestrained capitalist propaganda" I guess is what leftists are calling anything that disagrees with their own viewpoints. Funny how we're all supposed to be tolerant of different opinions, until those opinions don't follow left-wing thought. Then the most vile denunciations are appropriate to use, and dehumanizing your targets is a suitable response. Sickening, but here we are.

Comment: Re:There is some history here (Score 1) 74

Yes, because leaving Nazi Germany intact under a different Fuehrer was such a great idea. They wouldn't possibly use the separate peace with the Allies to fight the Soviets at all.

Nazism had to be utterly wiped out. There could be no negotiating with a Jew-killing ideology.

Comment: Re:Know your history (Score 1) 359

There's no Berlin Wall in America. No guard towers, barbed wire, or land mines to keep the people in. In fact, fences are regarded as useless and large sections of the borders are simply left unguarded, for anyone to escape. I think you didn't get the memo on the whole Berlin Wall metaphor. And besides, you're supposed to compare the USA to Nazis, those are the wrong kind of Germans.

"Communism is powerful, powerful stuff. So powerful it managed to spread laziness, poverty, and hideously poor engineering in a country populated entirely by Germans."

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