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Comment: Re:There is no such thing... (Score 1) 157

by DNS-and-BIND (#49195249) Attached to: How Activists Tried To Destroy GPS With Axes

Sure there is. How do you think the Tamil Tiger rebels aren't a problem any more? Or Japanese militarists? Or Nazis? Or Communists for that matter, the Cold War was still a war.

BTW the Communists had a plan to win the Cold War too, one that included launching every nuke in their inventory in the first hour of the war. Never a word about that one, it's one of those there inconvenient truths.

Comment: Re:Well done, smart guy (Score 0, Troll) 157

by DNS-and-BIND (#49195243) Attached to: How Activists Tried To Destroy GPS With Axes

I love how you totally ignore the fact that they lied their asses off about Obamacare because they knew we'd never agree to it. We have to pass it and THEN find out what's in it. Oh, it's full of lies...what a surprise!

Not a big surprise you're agreeing with nutbag extremists. Take axes to GPS satellites, that'll show them! This is why left-wing ideas sound so bizarre to people outside the bubble.

Comment: Re:Why Force Your Children to Live in the Past? (Score 1, Insightful) 584

by DNS-and-BIND (#49193893) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Should I Let My Kids Become American Citizens?
More doom & gloom from the 'no perspective' crowd. It's all words, it's what doom & gloom wishes were true.

If it were actually this bad, people would be mass emigrating to other countries. This is what happens in other countries that are actual cesspools instead of imaginary cesspools. Where do they come? America, yup. If they can get it. Funny enough, it's a pain in the ass to do it legally.

Comment: Re:Breakthrough? (Score 2) 425

That's because you have a secure future. The people who buy lottery tickets...don't. A couple of bucks to buy some hope in a grey life? That's what they're buying. Why not?

But let's all remember it's socially acceptable to shit all over less-intelligent human beings, in fact to deny their humanity altogether. Because what else do we say about people who buy lottery tickets, or shop at Wal-Mart?

Comment: Re:misleading headline (Score 1) 128

by DNS-and-BIND (#49181551) Attached to: Schneier: Either Everyone Is Cyber-secure Or No One Is
Cognitive dissonance? Those two missions aren't mutually exclusive. Defend yourself at home and go on offense abroad. It's a classic mission time-tested by history, and it has plenty of counterparts in sports metaphors. Simply asserting that something is mutually contradictory because it sounds good to use words like 'cognitive dissonance' isn't any kind of argument.

Comment: The important story is missing (Score 1) 21

by DNS-and-BIND (#49177333) Attached to: Rosetta Photographs Its Own Shadow On Comet 67P/C-G
We seem to have, as is usual, a deficient summary. It does not mention the #1 important issue in this announcement:


Because we can't move forward until we know this information. It's more important than anything the announcer said, that's for certain.

Comment: Re:Last straw? (Score 4, Interesting) 532

Taking on the 1938 German army would have been a relative cakewalk. The problem with Dunkirk (wasn't that a great victory?) is that the British stayed on the defensive, and by definition it's impossible to win whilst playing defense.

Add the Czechs and their surprisingly good army, and the Little Maginot Line (the Germans tested the fortifications after invading and found them shockingly sound) , and 1938 Germany has big problems. Its army gets bogged down in Czechoslovakia while the British drive for Berlin.

People always bring up this "educated, balanced" riposte to Chamberlain's infamous act. It's bullshit. Let's put the dagger in the back of this theory once and for all: you know who Chamberlain saw fit NOT to invite to the Munich conference? The Czechs! He gave them the middle finger and handed them a fait accompli. Don't even get me started about the great betrayal of Poland, a nation Britain was pledged to defend and yet did fuck-all to help. Fuck Chamberlain and fuck appeasement.

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