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Comment: Re:Forget reading, GET AN IMPLANT! (Score 1) 83

by DMUTPeregrine (#47421933) Attached to: A Brain Implant For Synthetic Memory
Jetpacks are possible, but probably will never be practical.
The issue is the energy density of the fuel. If the energy density is low it takes a lot of fuel, which reduces flight time. If the energy density is high, it's a bomb strapped to someone's back, which means adding safety features, which add weight, which reduces flight time.
Jetpacks have been made, and they do work, but only for short times. You'll never fly around in one like a helicopter, the chemistry simply doesn't support it.
Sadly, Robbie Rocketpants shall forever be a part of the diseased imaginations of utter smegheads.

Comment: Re:Political/Moral (Score 1) 305

by DMUTPeregrine (#47357789) Attached to: How Often Do Economists Commit Misconduct?
Failure to account for cheating and lying by anyone who can get away with it is a fundamental failure. Any theory of economics that assumes things dramatically at odds with reality (eg rational actors, perfect information, fair behavior, etc) is utterly useless when applied to reality. A bit like how the classical physics example of a spherical cow in a vacuum is really, really bad at modeling the movement of livestock. Thankfully physics has gotten rather far beyond such toy models, hopefully economics will get there too.

Comment: I hate the feeling of watches (Score 1) 427

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I hate the feeling of a watch on my wrist. I'm not sure why, but I never liked it. When I was a kid before cell phones became common I discovered that, and quickly became the only kid in high school with a pocket watch. And a pocket smart watch is just a cell phone. Possibly with a lanyard, though my current phone (SGS4) sadly lacks a way to attach one.

Comment: Re:low carb and low PUFA vs high Omega-3? (Score 1) 166

by DMUTPeregrine (#47241439) Attached to: "Eskimo Diet" Lacks Support For Better Cardiovascular Health
The issue with n=1s is that they can always be contradicted. For example, I'm almost the opposite of you.

I'm male. I'm 5'9" and weigh 118-120 lbs. I eat mostly bread and vegetables, rice, potatoes, with some meat and fruit. I can't stand most fat (most fatty acids taste like something rotting to me) and so I tend to have a very low fat intake. HCLF, effectively. I tend not to feel hunger much, so I use alarms to remind me when to eat. I'm active, I have stamina, and my biggest problem is keeping away from being dangerously underweight. When I diet I generally increase the meat/eggs/dairy amounts I eat in an attempt to gain some weight because I've gotten too thin. If I ate "as much as I feel like eating" I'd probably be grossly malnourished.

Different things work for different people. While it's true that no one can escape thermodynamics (if you eat less than you use, you'll lose weight) it's also true that if a diet is uncomfortable people won't stay with it. There's also the issue of bioavailability of the energy, the number of calories you actually get from a serving of food can't be more than what is measured by a calorimeter but it can be less.

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I just moved into a new apartment, and Comcast was the only broadband ISP (DSL wouldn't be broadband in this location). I bought my own modem, they wanted $8/month to rent theirs. $96/yr for a $70 device. You'd have to be stupid to be of legal age to subscribe to their service and yet unable to do the math to save the money.

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