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by DMUTPeregrine (#48450475) Attached to: Study: Space Rock Impacts Not Random
Heisenberg's uncertainty principle is just an application of the Fourier uncertainty principle to the quantum position and momentum wavefunctions. Since those are a Fourier pair, the Fourier uncertainty principle applies. So it's not a matter of which interpretation you pick, it's about whether QM is correct. If the behavior of quanta is not wholly determined by their wavefunctions then QM is wrong, and Heisenberg's uncertainty principle might be violated, since the true functions for position and momentum may not be Fourier pairs. This is widely considered to be extremely unlikely. Also, if spacetime is quantized (there's a minimum possible distance and a minimum possible time, and all times/distances are integer multiples of these minima) then the wavefunctions wouldn't be continuous, so the uncertainty principles might not be applicable. Loop Quantum Gravity is one theory that posits this.

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In an extremely general sense:
Somewhere in the program the validation code will either pass or fail. This is done with a conditional branch instruction in the assembly. Crackers use a debugger to find where this branch is, then change it to an instruction that will always branch to the pass condition.

Of course there are countermeasures used, and sometimes crackers will be able to reverse-engineer the validation check to create a keygen, etc, but the general process is still to disassemble the executable and modify or inspect the validation check.

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Yes, I was somewhat careless with my phrasing. Any disconnect between the inner ear's acceleration sense and that received from other senses can cause motion sickness. On aircraft, for most people (AFAIK), it's caused by feeling the acceleration with the ear and not seeing it with the eyes. For some, it gets reversed: they see too much movement out the window compared to what they feel, and so do better with aisle seats.

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Yep. If dark matter only interacts via gravity, and not via any of the other forces, then these results wouldn't constrain it. It would also mean that it's not going to be directly observable any time soon, so most scientists hope that's not the case, but it's certainly a possibility. Sterile neutrinos are one possibility for this.

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Actually, 192kHz is the sample rate. That's a maximum of 96kHz output frequency.

The only point of such a sample rate is that it allows some audio modification techniques to have a lower distortion of the waveform in the audible spectrum range. It's very minor, far more of the effect comes from spending more money and the resulting placebo effect: the music sounds better and IS more pleasing, because the buyer thinks it should sound better. The effect on perception is real, even though the actual sound is identical to that of a cheaper system.

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Hand sanitizer IS breeding antibiotic resistant bacteria. There are two kinds of sanitizer: The old alcohol-based ones, and the newer triclosan (an antibiotic) based ones. The triclosan sanitizers are often marketed as not drying out the skin, and so became popular. Resistance to triclosan tends to convey resistance to some other related antibiotics as well.

Alcohol based sanitizers are fine. Just use moisturizer after if you're worried about dry skin.

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