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Actually, 192kHz is the sample rate. That's a maximum of 96kHz output frequency.

The only point of such a sample rate is that it allows some audio modification techniques to have a lower distortion of the waveform in the audible spectrum range. It's very minor, far more of the effect comes from spending more money and the resulting placebo effect: the music sounds better and IS more pleasing, because the buyer thinks it should sound better. The effect on perception is real, even though the actual sound is identical to that of a cheaper system.

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Hand sanitizer IS breeding antibiotic resistant bacteria. There are two kinds of sanitizer: The old alcohol-based ones, and the newer triclosan (an antibiotic) based ones. The triclosan sanitizers are often marketed as not drying out the skin, and so became popular. Resistance to triclosan tends to convey resistance to some other related antibiotics as well.

Alcohol based sanitizers are fine. Just use moisturizer after if you're worried about dry skin.

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by DMUTPeregrine (#47818259) Attached to: Apple Denies Systems Breach In Photo Leak
My Mother's maiden name is 52Vg8alTkWjJ92AXLq8c. I was born in the town of iyUJuoE5go9pWhylGHJT, where I got my first pet, 9DurEntFD7WU9lpZJCKI.

If you ever tell the truth with a security question, you've done it wrong. If you ever use the same answer to a security question twice, you've done it wrong. If your answers have less entropy than your passwords, you've done it wrong.

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There's also the matter that better ECCs cost more overhead. You can detect single bit errors with a simple parity bit, but double errors will go undetected. And even something like Reed-Solomon can't correct all the errors it can detect. Spacecraft going to mars have very limited mass budgets, there are often better places to spend the extra mass than on an additional redundant flash chip (and associated circuitry).

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No, it was that any of the clones would have the full version history of the entire source tree. You still want a primary repo from which you make your releases, but all the developers can have a copy of the whole thing. They can also make changes to their local clones when offline, then merge all the changes later. Anyone can branch from any point, and the whole thing works on snapshots of the repo instead of sets of incremental changes to each file.

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