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The quantum black hole thing was never a real threat. First, because if they were the earth would have been destroyed long ago: cosmic rays regularly strike with far greater energies than the LHC produces. Since they would therefore also produce even bigger quantum black holes, if it were an issue it would have long ago destroyed the earth.

The second thing is that black holes don't suck material in any more than their constituent mass would. They also have charge if made from charged particles, so the proton-proton collisions of the LHC would produce positively charged quantum black holes. The electric charge is far stronger than the gravitational field, so you'd get something like a helium atom with a black hole for a nucleus. Even if it didn't evaporate it would be harmless.

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The president must sign every bill before it becomes law. If the president chooses not to sign a bill, it is considered a veto and the bill is returned to congress. If it gets a 2/3 majority vote, the bill becomes law anyway. This is one of the primary duties of the president.

So yes, it went to the president, just like every other bill that has gotten through congress.

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