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Comment: Content atrophying... (Score 2) 203

by DKroos (#47579641) Attached to: Nintendo Posts Yet Another Loss, Despite Mario Kart 8
I just went to a major game review site, scrolled down the ample front-page list of recently reviewed games...not a single one for Wii-U. Every other platform had multiple games reviewed in the last few weeks, not a single Wii-U title. Imagine saying that for any previous Nintendo platform - it's unthinkable.

Comment: Re:Change (Score 1) 742

by DKroos (#46319255) Attached to: "Microsoft Killed My Pappy"

'What kind of system leads rich tycoons to become so callously indifferent to the lives of "little" people?'

Rich tycoons callously indifferent to the needs of "little" people is a perfect description of the former Soviet Union and China as well, so it isn't the system, it's the lust (of some folk) for excess and power, which exists in all political outcomes.

Comment: Self-correcting, though.... (Score 1) 281

by DKroos (#45020511) Attached to: Do Comments On Web Pages Ruin Science?
When science is settled as a framework (evolution, for example), comments about the mechanisms are always fruitful. Any comments that assault the framework in a "Flat Earther" kind of way is really the author announcing their disabling comments is a very unfortunate move for Pop Sci. They should have more confidence in scientific truth to win out, rather than limit participation...

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