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+ - Schools teaching programming results in children hackers->

Submitted by DKlineburg
DKlineburg writes: I found it interesting that due to schools teaching children to code at a young age, they are doing malicious things without a moral compass. While they may be to young to be prosecuted, it should be looked at as more schools teach programming as part of standard curriculum.
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+ - 3D printer - Printed lower gun housing->

Submitted by DKlineburg
DKlineburg writes: The big thing is this:
This certainly isn't the first 3D printed gun part in existence, but it could be the first that's been made into a fully working firearm. What's important to note is that under U.S. law the lower receiver of an AR-15 (or any similar gun for that matter) is the component that is legally considered the "firearm." It's the main part that allows the gun to function, and even has the serial number printed on it for identification. Luckily for HaveBlue, making guns yourself isn't illegal so long as you don't sell or distribute them.

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