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Comment Re:Whats this "instead of Google" shit? (Score 1) 274

Oh, ok. So it wasn't the bing search engine taking the results of a google search and putting it into the bing search engine! It was the bing toolbar! How silly to accuse bing of blatant search result theft. They aren't stealing Google's results.... they are just tracking what users click on when they get google results, and putting it into their own search results. Crazy to call that theft, huh? Taking someone else's work, putting it into yours, and then calling it your own.

Comment Re:they could agree to send by non-CD (Score 5, Insightful) 214

I'm pretty sure they do it this way for the same reason most rebates are still mail-in. They don't expect the user to actually do it out of inconvenience. If it was as simple as clicking a button on the internet, more people would be aware of how much data they actually collect.

Comment Re:Yes, No (Score 1) 213

I agree. On one hand you have google plus and facebook - real names encourage responsible behavior. On the other end of the spectrum you get places like 4chan - and nothing beats that in irresponsible behavior. We have more and more anonymous places on the internets every single day - every forum, blogger site, places like reddit and digg, the list goes on. Just once I would like somewhere where I know the name of the person I am talking to and vice versa.

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