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+ - SPAM: Intel Atom SDK Launches In Beta: Netbook App Store

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MojoKid writes: "Intel has launched a beta version of the Atom Developer Program Software Development Kit (SDK), which is being made available for Microsoft Windows and Moblin operating systems developers. The kit helps software companies and individuals design and submit applications (“apps”) for Intel-based netbooks to ultimately sell on future-planned stores opening next year. Also, beyond the initial netbook play, clearly Intel has its sights set on their larger market opportunity that smartphones comprise today."
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+ - You've Dropped Your Landline, Now What?

Submitted by smurphmeister
smurphmeister writes: My wife and I recently moved up to the world of cell phones, after taking our sweet time to make sure this whole newfangled technology was going to stick around. We moved the old landline phone number to her phone, so we're disconnected from the pole. Now the question is, what to do with the copper already in our house?

My first thought was an intercom system, but that just seems so old school! So what ideas do you all have for what to do with the 4 little wires running to every room of my house?
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+ - New Monkey Island games announced

Submitted by CowHammer
CowHammer writes: I just got this in my email from Telltale Games (makers of the new Sam & Max games, among others):

We're proud to announce that Tales of Monkey Island is our latest episodic series! Guybrush Threepwood (mighty pirate) is back, along with Elaine, LeChuck, and the Voodoo Lady. There are also loads of new characters, new islands, and new voodoo curses.

Churches Use Twitter To Reach a Wider Audience 169

Posted by samzenpus
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In an attempt to reverse declining attendance figures, many American churches are starting to ask WWJD in 140 or fewer characters. Pastors at Westwinds Community Church in Michigan spent two weeks teaching their 900-member congregation how to use Twitter. 150 of them are now tweeting. Seattle's Mars Hill Church encourages its members to Twitter messages during services. The tweets appear on the church's official Twitter page. Kyle Firstenberg, the church's administrator, said,"It's a good way for them to tell their friends what church is about without their friends even coming in the building."

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