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Comment How to tell if it's working properly? (Score 1) 113

How can someone be sure that when the car is driving itself that it'll properly react to something that goes wrong? Let's say the system that follows the lane is fine but the system that is supposed to avoid sudden obstacles isn't. What can you do? How can you find out?

Comment Apple stagnating again (Score 1) 104

Let's face it. Apple, known to all as a true innovator, is being taken over with stagnation. Once again, without Steve Jobs as a strong leader, it has rested on its laurels to let competitors overtake it. Google, which was lagging behind in important international emoji support in Chrome, was able to finally catch up to Apple, but only because of the latter's sitting on its hands. To Apple's fans, it's another slap in the face of lagging behind. Look, Google is now the true leader in emoji support and most analysis expect Apple to continue its downward slide towards oblivion. Expect Apple stock do drop by 50% over the next few days.

Comment Re:Keyboard (Score 2) 216

That's right on the money. All that was stopping millions (and millions!) from going to Apple was a customizable keyboard. And Apple's lost them forever, because of the Android store lock-in.

But seriously, I'd say the keyboard providers will make more money on iOS now than on Android.

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