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Comment: Re:what a bunch of whiny bitches (Score 2) 1689

by DHartung (#2362694) Attached to: Star Trek: Enterprise Reactions?
And who can forget the Naked Now (episode 2) where writers (apparently already grasping at plot straws) reverted to the old saw of "everyone acting opposite" which would have been a lot better if we had more than caricature opinions of what their personalities WERE in the first place!

Actually, the reason they used The Naked Now is that they were rushing into production just as there was a writers' strike (1988). Since Paramount had already paid for the script for The Naked Time they simply dusted it off and rewrote it for the new characters. Really.

Also, it provided a means for the actors to "loosen up" and explore their characters early on, which was probably a useful exercise.

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