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Submission (SL)Hacker finds HTTP protocol flaw everyone knew!->

DGtlRift writes: "Wong Onn Chee "discovered" a flaw with the HTTP protocol involving the POST method and slowly trickling data to server as a DDoS via Agentless BotNet attack that effects every HTTP server in the world. The problem with this "discovery" is that any embedded engineer that has implemented HTTP services on memory and realtime constrained systems (should already) know of this issue (since at least 1994), and send a 504 for poorly performing clients even if a proxy wasn't involved — a slight adulteration of the protocol, but protects the service..."
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Comment Re:It's already the law in Iowa (Score 0) 411

IANAL, but my understanding for tax filings is that your are providing proof of tax credit (not liability,) and when you are audited, they are putting the burden of proof on you to provide the proof that you are entitled to that tax credit through receipts for business/professional expenses capital improvements etc.

If they don't believe you've made no purchases out of state, how is that proved?

Demanding declaration purchases made out of state (I say declaring because that is what you must do at your point of entry to the US, not entering a new state) is illegal.
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Journal Journal: Projects... what to do next...

It's been a long sommer... long because a simple project turned out to be not so simple...

I decided to redo our guest half bath. It was cramped, and I wish I photo documented everything I did but it's too late so... oh well. In hindsight, if anyone wants to redo their bath... my adivice is to plan on stripping everthing down to the studs and plan on having to rip up 5 floors just to get down to the subfloor.

Journal Journal: Source Code Control 1

So I hit the last straw this past week with our SCCS system. At work, after doing some major changes to the software project and verifying the integrity of the software in my local development environment, I decided to check in about 80 files into the main repository. This was a good time to check in because another engineer needed to modify a couple of header files I had checked out. The files I was going to check in were c, assember (68k and PPC), header files, and a couple of other prop

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