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Comment: how about Adobe AIR? (Score 1) 332

by DFAoBolinho (#40492925) Attached to: Adobe Stops Flash Player Support For Android
I work in a company that insists in using Flash and AIR for mobile products - I've tried unsuccessfully to convince the management to switch to native development. With this news, does anyone knows what Adobe is planning in regard to AIR? Some news that Adobe was kicking AIR aside would be wonderful to finally convince them to make the switch.

Comment: Re:What is, exactly, the problem? (Score 1) 312

by DFAoBolinho (#9537817) Attached to: NewsForge Reviews Excel Clone for Linux
And that is why the Microsoft stack is separated from the Mono stack.. You have all the Microsoft's patented ideas in one stack for the purpose of Dotnet compatibility, and on the other hand you have a set of all-new APIs that are mono-specific. My point in the previous post is: I don't see Mono as a bridge between Windows-Dotnet and Linux-Mono - but a way to DEVELOP true multiplatform aplications using Mono. You can even compare it to Java - but then you have more languages and a more reliable open source VM (because in a free software's point of view, java is not really that safe)

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