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Comment: people at eBay are losers... (Score 2) 193

by DECTerm (#47056099) Attached to: eBay Compromised
Seems the people at eBay are completely losers, thanx to slashdot I just had a chat with the support at the UK eBay, they confirmed that I should change my password for my own safety, but NO fucking reply why there is no announcement on the local (ie. UK) site. They just only know well to milk their customers (Paypal) too with their fees.

Comment: forums + lists.. (Score 1) 295

by DECTerm (#42882247) Attached to: Is It Possible To Erase Yourself From the Internet?
While you can "easily" remove your account from Google/Facebook etc, its impossible to remove your account from Forums, I am registered at the past on forums that I don't use anymore, there is no effing way to delete your account, I bet this is intentionally, as *if* you could remove your account (and *if* possible your posts) there would be a mess on the forums. Also another big shit on the internet, is the mail lists that their archives are visible, so even you are off from one list, your posts and email are still there...

Comment: Re:Suits me (Score 1) 38

by DECTerm (#40324051) Attached to: OpenSUSE Team Reworking Dev Model, Delays 12.2 Release
Suits me too! I recently tried fedora 17... I spend almost one afternoon to understand why the heck the xsane on the F17 could not recognize the scanner part of my multifunction laser/scanner (samsung scx-3200) , (on OpenSUSE and Kubuntu, it was a 5min task to edit a file into the /etc/sane.d/ ) then I finally re-complied the 3.4 kernel and 'played' with the /proc/bus/usb access properties. then EVERYTIME I booted the darn system I got errors from this abomination called SELinux, which finally deactivated it, then I installed the beta OpenSUSE 12.2 , runs without any problem now..(even ITS a beta)

Comment: 25 USD .... oh yea (Score 1) 241

by DECTerm (#40206995) Attached to: First Steps With the Raspberry Pi
the $25 price for the RPI is mainly a marketing trick, as it was the (probably) the (initial) production cost.# The UK sale is around 29 GBP ---> 44 USD , ok Element14 said that the price included the postage (2nd class Royal mail, cost for this package is around 1.10£) so the remaining 27.9 £ --> around 42.8 USD definitely MORE than the 'advertised' 25 USD

IRS Nails CPA For Copying Steve Jobs, Google Execs 509

Posted by Soulskill
from the money-for-somethin' dept.
theodp writes "It seems $1 salaries are only for super-wealthy tech execs. The WSJ reports that CPA David Watson incurred the wrath of the IRS by only paying himself $24,000 a year and declaring the rest of his take profit. It's a common tax-cutting maneuver that most computer consultants working through an S Corporation have probably considered. Unlike profit distributions, all salary is subject to a 2.9% Medicare tax and the first $106,800 is subject to a 12.4% Social Security tax (FICA). By reducing his salary, Watson didn't save any income taxes on the $379k in profit distributions he received in 2002 and 2003, but he did save nearly $20,000 in payroll taxes for the two years, the IRS argued, pegging Watson's true pay at $91,044 for each year. Judge Robert W. Pratt agreed that Watson's salary was too low, ruling that the CPA owed the extra tax plus interest and penalties. So why, you ask, don't members of the much-ballyhooed $1 Executive club like Steve Jobs, Larry Ellison, Sergey Brin, Larry Page, and Eric Schmidt get in hot water for their low-ball salaries? After all, how inequitable would it be if billionaires working full-time didn't have to kick in more than 15 cents into the Medicare and Social Security kitty? Sorry kids, the rich are different, and the New Global Elite have much better tax advisors than you!"

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