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Comment: Hah, I had this problem... (Score 4, Funny) 402

by DDLKermit007 (#42186825) Attached to: The Trouble With Bringing Your Business Laptop To China
I had this problem when I was doing work with associates in China when I was working to develop some software to use there. After going out one night I noticed the next day my laptop had been gotten into. Sure they poked around, but I didn't care. Not stupid enough to actually bring any data physically there with me. Checked the machine for anything funky, but seemed he was poking around to copy any interesting data. In the end they ended up trying to screw us & do the job we were doing which was they found really hard without our actual software in their hands. We just ran pointers that always pushed data from China back to the US where we churned through the data because I was a paranoid maniac. Sucks the company went under due to them, but felt a sort of sick satisfaction they ended up looking really dumb when everything ground to a halt suddenly.

Comment: Re:They're acting like they're in trouble! (Score 1) 192

by DDLKermit007 (#39874841) Attached to: IBM Offers Retirement With Job Guarantee Through 2013
I used to work for MGM Resorts in Las Vegas. Nevada has it bad for "at will" work state, but corps like MGM just get so big it's easier to file people away to the point the useless people make up 70% of staff if not more. Getting them to fire someone is hellaciously difficult. Corps like that are deliriously faerful of things like unemployment.

Comment: Re:sure... (Score 1) 214

That's kind of my thoughts too. But also at least IMO, if you screwed the pooch enough to where you are going to be put out of the state's misery, you forfeited both your rights asa citizen and a human being. Problem is, China scoops up people on dubious charges as is. I'm sure at least once was the "wrong for them, right for someone else blood typing".

Comment: Re:This won't work (Score 0) 668

by DDLKermit007 (#38710900) Attached to: New Cable Designed To Deter Copper Thieves
Fuck, we just need to bring public caning back, or hack parts of limbs off. Those have to be for heinous things though like theft that causes damages of $5,000 or more (cane them for less). Take two fingers each time. Figure if someone can't figure out after five tries, they really don't enjoy having functional hands, and eating. Figure after the first time it'll just stop. People who steal stuff like copper won't be served by MORE education. They are out of the K-12 educational system by then, and generally methed outa their head.

Comment: Re:Is your parting line supposed to be a critisism (Score 1) 182

by DDLKermit007 (#38644826) Attached to: North Korean Nuclear Facilities, From 30,000 Feet
Actually there was a third reason that's gotten "forgotten" because it's inconvenient. It was to see what they would do to a real human population-center. The choice was either Germany or Japan, and we were hellbent on seeing what it could really do. I remember when I was in Hiroshima at the Peace Museum reading documents uncovered after the war that generals and I believe even the present saying that Germany was a better choice to nuke, but Japan was better to hit. Reason being that they would be far less equipped, and able to study what hit them, unlike the Germans who were much further along at building their own. Hell, we even laid off on bombing raids in Hiroshima leading up to the bombing because otherwise we weren't going to have anything left to nuke (also in the documents displayed)!

Comment: Re:Sounds very unprofessional (Score 1) 205

by DDLKermit007 (#37123836) Attached to: Notch Asks For Trial By Combat
Are you kidding me? To most who likes Notch & Bethesda? I'm sorry, but I'm all for this going down. Plus, this is an olden form of dispute solving that WAS acceptable by courts. Just before it was IRL, and slightly more dangerous. If they accept, no matter what happens, everyone comes out smelling like roses. Great PR for everyone which shareholders love.

Comment: Re:We need Authentication/Encryption NOW (Score 1) 139

by DDLKermit007 (#37045450) Attached to: 4G and CDMA Reportedly Hacked At DEFCON
You make it out to be way worse than it is. If you go over cellular, should just SSH back to your home connection. The wireless insecurity isn't much to worry about at that point. WiMax is a huge joke security-wise anyways. WiMax was cracked last year already in this regard. Seems he spent the year building better tools.

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