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Comment: Re:Free market for the win (Score 1) 644

by D4rkn1ght (#38269504) Attached to: Will Firefox Lose Google Funding?
Sorry but, Chrome is a better browser at been promoted by Google. It's not that it is a better browser. Chrome has Google's fortune behind. Chrome is everywhere, ads in YouTube, bundle with other software, TV commercials, etc...

Firefox, or even Opera don't stand a chance if they don't invest in proper promotion. The promotional aspect of Firefox/Opera is what keeping then behind.

Comment: Re:more to the point, is this really necessary? (Score 1) 169

by D4rkn1ght (#30484462) Attached to: How Europe's Mandated Browser Ballot Screen Works

That's hard to do when people bitch and moan that the blue "e" is missing from the computer and then fidget whenever you open Firewhatever before they just ask you to just the "e" back in the upper left corner.

I'll tell then that the blue e changed their logo to the fox in the glove, or the red O, or the blue compass, or the Simon said game logo! lol ;-)

The Internet

Interview With Jeremy Howard of FastMail.fm 135

Posted by kdawson
from the doing-one-thing-well dept.
Siker writes "In a world of giants such as Gmail and Rackspace, email service provider FastMail.fm is somehow doing great, with signups above the million mark and reliability above four 9s. Email Service Guide interviews Jeremy Howard, founder of FastMail.fm, to find out how. Also covered are the company's contributions to Open Source software such as Cyrus-IMAP and Thunderbird. Jeremy discusses the future of IMAP, how open protocols help FastMail.fm, and why he thinks SLAs from email providers are a con."

Comment: Re:Sounds familiar (Score 1) 67

by D4rkn1ght (#23192358) Attached to: Yahoo! Expands Open Web Platform Plans
I miss the days when Yahoo had a silver background and not too many images. It was made with plain old HTML for faster loading and was more useful. Yahoo, like other so call Web 2.0 sites are a mess of excessive javascript and proprietary browser plugins like flash.

I'm not 100% against AJAX or Flash, it's the over use of it on situations that it's not requiered.

Yahoo need to keep their front and news page free of these requirements. If they want to change their look to myspace or facebook they should do it on their other pages.

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