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Comment: Getting "Crawled" by Google (Score 1) 104

by Michael Schroeder (#45689323) Attached to: Google Acquires Boston Dynamics
Google's hardware record is shaky. Unlike their software, most HW projects never venture far from the googleplex. From Glass, to self driving cars, products are long in development with a handful of testers. This is not at all like their bold software formula: buy a cool tech startup, then rebuild it at scale and make $$. Yes, they need a visionary, but also someone that is not afraid to deliver it.

+ - Why don't birds have propellers?->

Submitted by Michael Schroeder
Michael Schroeder (3462757) writes "Is it true, there are no macroscopic examples of a free rotating axle structures in nature? Some single celled organisms have a spinning flagella, but that's it.
Recently I saw documentary on capturing a colossal squid.
Have you seen the colossal squid's 360 degree rotating hooks instead of suction cups! The next evolution of that animal may very well have propellers baby."

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