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Comment: Re:Training Damage (Score 0) 523

by D3m3rz3l (#15594443) Attached to: Complaints Filed Over Firms Seeking H1-B Holders
This is fucked up. You are saying that a company should hire a C-level citizen over an A-level foreigner just because the C-level person is a citizen? that is blatantly xenophobic. Do you know that most top PhD departments in the US in science and engineering are filled with foreigners? I mean, the first argument against H1B workers is that they don't know much and are willing to work for less. When that is refuted by providing the facts (a minimum wage must be paid, H1Bs are equally qualified if not more so, and most companies don't want the PITA legal procedures that come with H1B workers), then you come up with shit like this. A c-rate worker has no one to blame but himself. He should improve his skills doing whatever he can if he expects a job. How the hell did the foreigner become A-rate? By sitting around on his ass?

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