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Comment: wow slashdot users are narrow minded (Score 1) 250

by D-R0C (#30311178) Attached to: FCC Preparing Transition To VoIP Telephone Network
Same arguments over and over about how great POTS is.... VOIP is fun and flexible. Sure it has disadvantages but these are being worked on. It also has some huge advantages which make it more than a worthwhile effort. I thought this was a site for forward thinking technology minded people. When I see comments like the ones on this article it makes me wonder.

Comment: More details here: (Score 4, Informative) 280

by D-R0C (#30241154) Attached to: Virgin Media To Trial Filesharing Monitoring In UK
"Virgin Media executive director of broadband, Jon James, told ZDNet UK on Thursday that the trial will go live "within days". He added that the use of such traffic-monitoring technology was part of its distribution deal with media company Universal.",1000000189,39906062,00.htm

Comment: Daily candy (Score 1) 205

by D-R0C (#29680607) Attached to: Candy Linked To Violence In Study
Daily candy is just wrong. It's bad parenting and irresponsible. Regardless of whether it causes criminal behaviour later in life you are doing your children a grave disservice by allowing or encouraging them to eat candy so frequently. Proper nutrition should be taught in schools with an unbiased uncorporate corriculum.

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