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+ - Vietnamese court forces casino to pay US$55.5 million in winnings to gambler->

Submitted by D H NG
D H NG writes: A court in Vietnam had ruled in favor of a gambler who won US$55,542,256.70 from a slot machine in 2009. The casino claimed that the machine malfunctioned and offerred to pay back only the US$300 he spent gambling. The man sued, claiming that it is the casino's responsibility to ensure the integrity of the machines and that their regulations were vague as to what constituted a malfunction. The court sided with the plaintiff, since the defendants unilaterally took out the circuit board of the machine to investigate, rendering the evidence inadmissible. The defendants planned to appeal, claiming that 'no one would program a slot machine to pay $55 million from 10 cents.'
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+ - Google pays its Engineers Highest Among Tech Companies-> 1

Submitted by D H NG
D H NG writes: According to a study by the career site Glassdoor, Google tops the list of tech companies in the salaries it pays to software engineers. Google paid its engineers an average base salary of $128,336, with Microsoft coming in second at $123,626. Apple, eBay, and Zynga rounded off the top 5.
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Comment: Curbing Nationalism (Score 1) 144

by D H NG (#40990345) Attached to: In Vietnam: Being a Blogger Could Land You In Jail, Cost You Your Life
The Vietnamese government has a fine line to tread. Due to the current territorial disputes with China, there is a resurgence of Sinophobia among the populace in Vietnam. The Vietnamese government doesn't want to antagonize the Chinese government and jeopardize a huge trading relationship, but it also doesn't want to appear to be caving to the Chinese. It had shown remarkable restraints in allowing anti-China protests to proceed, but recently it had been curbing them because the protestors attention is now focussing on the government itself.

+ - Google's Marissa Mayer becomes Yahoo CEO->

Submitted by D H NG
D H NG writes: Marissa Mayer, Google's employee #20 and Vice President of Local, was appointed CEO of Yahoo. She was Google's public face for years, famously being responsible for the look and feel of Google’s most popular products: the famously unadorned white search homepage, Gmail, Google News and Google Images. Mayer resigned from Google Monday afternoon and will begin her new job on Tuesday.
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Comment: Cheap cellular cost? (Score 1) 851

by D H NG (#38462776) Attached to: Do You Really Need a Smart Phone?
Where did you get such a cheap cellular plan? I hardly make any calls, but my bare-bones prepaid phone plan costs more than $4 a month. In the US, the cheapest I found is T-Mobile To Go, which charges about 10 cents a minute if you buy $100. Since the minutes last at most a year, the minimum you have to pay is about more than $8 a month.

+ - Juror's Tweets Overturns Trial Verdict-> 1

Submitted by D H NG
D H NG writes: The Arkansas Supreme Court had overturned a murder conviction due to a juror tweeting during the trial. Erickson Dimas-Martinez was convicted in 2010 of killing a teenager and was sentenced to death. His lawyers appealed the case on account of a juror tweeting his musings during the trial. Tweets sent include "The coffee here sucks" and "Court. Day 5. here we go again". In an opinion, Associate Justice Donald Corbin wrote "because of the very nature of Twitter as an... online social media site, Juror 2's tweets about the trial were very much public discussions." Dimas-Martinez is to be given a new trial.
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