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Comment Re:Most common error is: PIBMAC (Score 1) 484

The ISO for Home and Pro are the same. If you have a key (a Win 10 key! A Win 7 or 8.n key won't do!), it will install the right edition without asking. If you skip key entry it will give you the choice as what to install. So, no, you can't accidentally grab a Pro ISO and try to install it on a Home version, because the Pro and the Home ISO are one and the same. Only the key makes the difference.

Comment Re:The problem is systemic (Score 1) 36

Without knowing the GS/contractor divide at OPM, it's hard to say who is ultimately to blame. If OPM gave carte blanche to the contractor, the latter is generally the one at fault. If the government micro managed the contract and ignored suggestions, the blame is back with them.

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Journal Journal: Google, my Hero! 6

Yeah, I said that.

Many, many moons ago, anyone that knows me that long might remember me asking about where to find a two-page advertisement that Sun Microsystems had put out some time around 1998. It had a picture of Sally Struthers and a caption that said something like "Thinking of running your critical apps on NT? Isn't there enough world suffering?"

Comment Re:Lost track of Sequence (Score 1) 106

I bought a laptop (Core2-Duo CPU, 2MB RAM) that came with Vista shortly after Vista was released. I actually liked it, and that's saying something when you consider that every single Microsoft OS has let me down at one time or another. It seemed to me that most of the people that didn't like Vista were trying to run it on systems that were optimized for XP.

I now have Windows 7 on all my gaming systems (long story, i'm all about using the right tool for the job), and I'm considering Win10.

Slowly and surely the unix crept up on the Nintendo user ...