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Comment Re:Why? (Score 5, Insightful) 2219

I as well made a coginitive effort to identify why I did not like the beta site.

The usable space was decreased terribly to make far far too much room for advertisements. This coupled with the whitespace seriously hampered lengthy discussion. This is the type of after thought someone would put into a comment system for a site that does not favor user comment. Really, slashdot as a meta site is only made valuable by the discussions that take place. It's 2014, aggregation of news is pretty much done by every tom, dick and cylix. I can flip to a number of web sites and "news" apps for bulletins on what is going on in the world.

I agree wholeheartedly with the lack of detail regarding comments. I would generally assume someone would take away the valdiation we have as users because this would make it much easier to inject false comments. (Maybe I'm just paranoid or at least that is what the mothership tells me).

While I was jumping around the web I noticed something really interesting. The new comment system and layout was a huge rip from I suppose most of the horrific websites which pretend to care about user opinion look pretty much the same flavor of blah.

The point being, when the commodity of your site is the user base, it's probably a bad idea to marginalize them.

Comment Re:Not ground breaking (Score 1) 87

Planetside lost some of it's original vision after heavily incorporating changes from forum complaints/suggestions. This had the net effect of removing strategic or skill based methods of achieving goals. Interestingly enough, with quick enough hands and some skill a BFR could be brought down from a hot drop mosquito. That of course was nerfed beyond recognition in the name of only equally classed entities should be able to really interact/combat with each other. No sir, your battle monger 5000 can't shoot the peons because the weapons weren't designed for that!

There are a good deal more examples of what drove away their community, but we don't really need to go into that. Sadly, PS2 is going to re-envision all the poor ideas they contrived throughout the first PS. It will be interesting to see if a vanity approach to sales will function with this game. In most cases, the combat isn't necessarily as face to face as other games which have found that route to be viable.

Comment Re:"while operating a taxicab" (Score 4, Funny) 264


And yes, I know I cheated. I knew I wasn't supposed to read the article, but I just couldn't help myself.

We tend to be fairly forgiving here so I'll let you off with a warning this time. Just be more cautious in the future and mistakes like this won't happen again.

*Hops back into the RTFM Patrol Car and speeds off down the information super highway.

Comment News Reporting Simplified (Score 2) 107

This makes reporting so much simpler because actual interviews and reporting won't be necessary. Interviews can be completely written on the spot! It will be a huge time saver and a win for the readers.

Distilled satire on an issue or simple gripe with a plain service make excellent candidates for cartoons. Penny-arcade is a wonderful example of satire in an industry I care about. The New Yorker has been doing much the same with political satire for years. However, both of these outlets do not represent their entire collection of view points with just simple quips.

As a format for a news journal I think it's fairly laughable, but may likely draw in some viewers. There is a niche for everyone!

Comment Re:RMS supports file sharing???? (Score 2, Funny) 634

A parallel world would be one in which RMS advises on how to monetize on those gains.

RMS writes, "You did make a mistake when you chose Kazaa as the method of sharing. Instead, you should have created a web site using the cloud to sale your collection."

The next 10 or so lines would be quoting Ferengi rules of acquisition. Probably some good points like exploiting family and friends for more music.

Comment Re:Yawn... (Score 1) 486

I used to lock myself out of my car quite often. The good news was my friends father was a lock smith. (We'll consider this a trade out as I tended to do a lot of technical support for him.)

Probably around the third time he simply gave me the tool and explained the process. (I think that particular moment I was at his house).

Then I managed to lock myself out fairly far away, but in a sealed parking area. It just so happened the attendant had lock picks for loan to those who pulled such a stunt as myself. He was fairly surprised I picked the proper tool I needed and popped my lock in seconds.

Comment Re:Anything that involves a human updating a docum (Score 2) 165

Indeed, router configurations should be stored in git or similar rcs.

What hasn't really been mentioned is the use of cdp. If your switches and routers (both Cisco and some non-cisco) support this information it can be very useful to inventory connections. Checkin scripts can update an endpoint with the port information. Then simply tracking the physical location of resources by either asset id and mac address ties the network topology to a physical locality.

Labeling wall jacks to punch down block ports is handy for tracking cabling issues, but not mandatory for identifying port to port connectivity.

However, depending on the skill level involved it might not be trivial and the deployment itself could be time consuming. However, the whole package can be put together in a few days. I worked at one place where someone had the right idea and the implementation was mostly there. (albeit broken) It was fairly easy to fix it up and push out the changes via their deployment process. Physically performing inventory on the network did take some time, but we sent teams to each location for asset identification. If there had not been a desire to actually store rack unit ids we would have never had to perform physical scanning. (Completely worthless for our needs, but mother corporate wanted it down to the RU.)

Comment Re:Waiiiiit a minute... Huh? (Score 2) 298


They have been doing this with the dct dvr's they lease to subscribers for quite a while. The motorola dct 34xx and 64xx are quite capable of 30 second skip and it was an awesome feature that just wasn't. However, it wasn't exactly clever since they simply unmapped the button from the remote.

Since the remote itself is just a universal rebadge it's quite easy to restore the functionality.

The real sham was disabling the firewall port on their units. My MythTV unit was perfectly happy to ingest and control my the cable dvr once upon a time, but some others were not quite so lucky. I suppose you could say that 30 second skip functionality was really what made really want to do a lot more.

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