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Comment Re:Or maybe, since it's a movie.... (Score -1) 925

I think your slightly missing the point. The reason we are annoyed with the lack of jokes is, not because they were taken out, but because classic jokes were re-writen into Crap. (or as the review says, Jokoid, ie a not so funny version of the joke, ie a non-joke). Would it really kill the movie to add in 4-5 lines of dialouge? No, Would it make the movie ALOT better? Yes. So why didn't they do it? That is why were annoyed. Look the movie is 110 minuites. Lets say they replace all jokoid text and replace it with the orginal dialouge, it would add what, 5-15 minuites? Even add the Guide entry on Earth. 110 minuites to 125 minuites. Is that too long? Can your collective asses not sit for an extra 15 minuites?

Take this one for example, a perfect example of no time loss to make a much better joke. The Whale, falling to earth. The last thing he says is (in the book "I wonder if it will be friends with me". And that replace it with "Hello, Ground!". Why? Could that extra 2 seconds destroy the movie and make it too long? This is a perfect example of murdered adam's monologue. THIS is why we are ticked off, not because things are 'exact' but because they Americanized Wonderful British humour that can be grasped by the average american. (Note, Im an american). On anoher note, they could of just cut out some non-important parts of the story, shortened various sections, removed non-key dialouge and made a 2 hour movie out of the book WITHOUT editing anything. Oh well, thats Hollywood for you.

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