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Comment: Re:Tetris is based on a Russian board game (Score 1) 34

by Alioth (#48433685) Attached to: The Man Who Made Tetris

The original game is fun to play. Last month at Retromañía in Spain we had the original game running on the Russian pdp-11 clone for which it was created (unfortunately the pdp-11 clone had to be emulated - we actually have a real pdp-11 but it's a DEC built one and the original code won't work very well on it due to the lack of the Cyrillic character set). It's a good bit harder than the PC version which I think was the next version of Tetris to be written.

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by ncc74656 (#48423853) Attached to: UK Hotel Adds Hefty Charge For Bad Reviews Online

While in the US there is a generally accepted right to self defense, the legal theory in the UK is that fighting crime is the police's job.

This brings up a question. It's well established in the US that the police have no responsibility to protect your life; if you call 911 when the Bad Guys show up and get killed before the police arrive, your next of kin don't get to sue the cops. (Look up Warren v. District of Columbia for an example.) It's not that much of a problem here as you have the right to defend yourself, with deadly force if necessary. In a legal environment where that right to self-defense isn't guaranteed, as it isn't in the UK, does that then imply a potential liability if their police don't do what has been decided is their job? (I suspect it doesn't, but I could be wrong.)

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You should expect a basic, clean, functional room though with what was advertised to come with the room.

I've stayed in a £35 a night Blackpool B&B (Windsor House or something it was called) and it was perfectly acceptable. The room wasn't huge but it was clean and comfortable, the shower worked fine, it had free WiFi, and a full English breakfast included and was much better value than most so-called "low cost" hotels like Premier Inn. I stayed recently in a 25 euro a night hotel in the centre of Zaragoza in Spain and this was similar - no way could you describe it as "luxury" but it was clean, the bed was comfortable, the shower worked just fine and so did the WiFi. It is perfectly possible to have an entirely acceptable hotel room for this price.

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by HBI (#48411713) Attached to: Uber Threatens To Do 'Opposition Research' On Journalists

So, "journalists" get to make noise in the sphere of public opinion but are to be immune from the negative repercussions of said attention? Quite a deal for them, I say. Especially when many take money to alter the focus of their writings, or otherwise have a political axe to grind.

Your attitude is naive in the extreme.

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There is seriously no point in explaining to these nimrods that they are being (semi-)expertly fleeced by con men. Con men suitable for their dulled senses, at least. They'll either learn with time, or they won't. The fact that they are still willing to dump tons of money on games - moreover, with Kickstarter, even worse than the usual 'prerelease' scam* - indicates the foolishness beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Imagine an alternative situation where a food retailer crowdfunded "Christmas Dinner". You donate your money, and they remove the previously promised turkey and replace it with Spam on December 23. Would these same morons argue that Spam was better for you at that point? I think they would...

* Why on earth would you ever give money to a retailer or even a manufacturer for a vaporware product? Ever.

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by Bill Dog (#48408603) Attached to: To The Little Untergruber

I'm still cracking up at that cactus! :) I guess that's International Sign (or maybe, since the Obamacare joke's on us, Sigh) Language for "you've just been Grubered!".

But seriously, I don't know why people are painting Jonathan Gruber as being some kind of Hans Gruber -like super bad-guy. What he expressed is just part of the core set of beliefs of the Left in America. FNC is so happy to go along with the Left in keeping the people dumb, all they seemed to focus on was how insulting it was, and I didn't see a minute (not that I watch for very many) about how there might some (or rather a lot) of truth to what he was saying.

If Fox News really was Right-wing, they would've treated this as the potential break-through moment that it was, to awaken the oblivious third of Americans who think it's safe (for America) to vote Democrat just because they're a major party, and that Liberals are the good guys. But Fox News is a business, and their game is partisan bickering, and they'd rather people not learn and outgrow that. And the Left is just fine with that. (Because their news outlets certainly aren't about succeeding as businesses, so where the advantage lies is clear.)

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