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by Cyberax (#47940223) Attached to: FCC Chairman: Americans Shouldn't Subsidize Internet Service Under 10Mbps
Yeah, sure. And you also went to a local unsubsidized parish church, where you were taught by a totally unsubsidized teachers. And of course, you had to go uphill both ways through swamps and most definitely not by a public subsidized road.

Reality: you got it easy, going to a public school where you used a subsidized (by local and federal taxes) infrastructure. We as a society decided that having a universal literacy is worth the taxes. Even though in your cases you simply use all this wealth to spend your time writing inane racist blatherings. What's the difference?

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by Cyberax (#47906717) Attached to: High School Student Builds Gun That Unlocks With Your Fingerprint

And according to that same source, for 2012, there were 8,974,762 non-fatal accidental injuries from falls

Yes. And that's why building codes are being updated to reduce number of dangerous stairs, mandate friction strips on stairs and so on.

What are we doing about rampant gun violence? Ah yes, we're passing laws freeing gun manufacturers from ANY responsibility.

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There were several attempts at nuclear-powered cargo ships. They failed because it turned out to be too expensive, mostly due to complicated regulations and the general mistrust on nuclear power. So the only remaining civilian nuclear-powered ships are Russian icebreakers :(

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You seem good at that Hail Hitler thing, you must've had a lot of practice under Putin.

"Hail Ukraine! Hail Heroes" (sometimes translated as "Glory to Ukraine! Glory to Heroes!") sounds for Russian-speaking people _exactly_ as "Sieg Hail!" would sound to American citizens. That was a sign and a countersign in the UPA which was allied with Hitler's Germany and committed such crimes as Volyn' Massacre.

I'm not going to discuss Chechnya here, the crimes or lack thereof of Russia does nothing for the Ukrainian situation.

P.S. That's not a Ukrainian military column masquerading as a medical convoy, it's very clearly a Ukrainian military medical convoy, that's why they have green trucks and red crosses, it's kind of exactly what that means.

And also artillery pieces. I guess they only shoot humanitarian aid.

Note the source- do you really think Israel of all countries full of Jews would defend Ukrainian election results if Ukraine actually voted for Nazis?

Lots of Jewish people in Ukraine condemn results of the elections. So?

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I'm curious, has CNN or BBC or perhaps New York Times shown you this: ? It's a Ukrainian military column masquerading as a medical convoy - a clear violation of Geneva treaties.

Or perhaps told you that teaching Russian is now outlawed in all schools in Slovyansk (with German and English replacing it)? Yeah, surely there is no fascism in Ukraine.

Hail Hit...uhm... Ukraine!

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Oh, don't flatter yourself. I can read Spanish and Latin American media is neutral. Chinese media is mildly pro-Russian. I don't know about Indian or Arabic media (and frankly I don't even care).

But the narrative of "bold Ukrainian heroes standing against an onrushing Russian invasion" is purely a Western story. How did it happen? Simple. Internal censorship (this video was removed in minutes from the official BBC site: - starting from the 2:00), lack of independent sources and no knowledge of local context.

The usual clustersuck, in other words. That's why US media had no clue at all that once Gadaffi is kicked away, all the country would disintegrate into warring factions.

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Bwahahah. Yes, that's right, RT is a magical press outlet, the only one in the world that just happens to be right. Well at least we're getting somewhere now, at least we're getting to the point that you are after all mindlessly fed propaganda by RT. You realise that defending RT is a bit like defending Fox News or The Daily Mail right?

Yes, in this case RT is the only English-speaking TV outlet that tells the other side of the story. And it's more compelling than what the Western media parrots. Russian media actually has reporters on the ground and they are working in the midst of the fighting and just in recent weeks, several reporters were wounded or killed.

And even Fox News gets their facts right sometimes. However, other news companies are starting to get a clue:

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