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Comment Re:Booo, hissss (Score 1) 250

I like having a forward/back dropdown so that I can see where I am in my back/forward history and select how far forward or back to go next. I had to install the addon Backward/Forward History Dropdown 0.2.4 to get this functionality back.

You can right-click, or left-click and drag down on the back/forward arrows to bring up the history.
(In case you didn't know and are not just using the addon because of preference.)


Amazon Patents Pitching As-Seen-On-TV Products 83

theodp writes "Q. What do you get when you surround the image of Men in Black star Will Smith trying on sunglasses with a pitch for 'MIB Bill Smith Dark Shades'? A. U.S. Patent No. 8,180,688. 'Many people consume broadcast media such as television shows and movies for many hours a week,' Amazon explained to the USPTO in its patent application for a Computer-Readable Medium, System, and Method for Item Recommendations Based on Media Consumption. 'The consumed broadcast media may depict a variety of items during the course of the transmission, such as clothing, books, movies, accessories, electronics, and/or any other type of item.' So, does Amazon's spin on As Seen on TV advertising deserve a patent?"

Comment Re:Business cards aren't going anywhere (Score 2) 243

The problem I have with QR is the information IS NOT encoded in the code itself. Instead, a QR code is a pointer to some other (commercial) entity that is holding the information hostage, usually for a fee. So yes, you can have your own personal QR code - except you have to pay someone to hold the information for you. How about a 2D bar code that actually has the information in it and is directly readable? This can easily be done, it just isn't because QR is a really great business opportunity for the QR code vendor.

Umm, what?

The QR code simply contains data. Text, URL, image, vCard, email address, whatever. Where did you get this " QR code vendor" thing from?

I would also say that you have no idea what you are getting with a QR code. With a business card and a scanner you know what you are getting and it is all useful information.

You know exactly what you are getting since the QR code reader software displays it.

Did you ever actually use a QR code or are you just repeating some bullshit you read on the internet?

Comment Re:But (Score 2) 375

Isn't this just disabling the auto-load of explorer.exe

No. Explorer.exe is a lot more integrated into the OS.

This is more like giving you a phone OS in which the desktop OS is an app.

Open the task manager and kill explorer.exe

You lose the desktop icons, the taskbar and any open Explorer/Control Panel windows, but the OS keeps on working, you can switch between open programs with Alt-Tab and open new programs from the task manager.
Explorer.exe is only a few UI parts, I can imagine that Win8 wil load/unload it on demand, when an "old style" program is started or the user wants to switch to the "regular" desktop.

When done with this experiment just start explorer.exe again and everything is back to normal.

(Tested on Windows 7)

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