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Comment: Re:DRM Language (Score 2, Informative) 168

by CyberDog3K (#38581748) Attached to: Transformer Prime To Get ICS On January 12, Boot Unlocker Coming
In at least some cases I know of, the "security mechanism" is used to encrypt and secure payment credentials (cc info, etc) on the new droids. While I am not asserting that this is the case here, it's not impossible that certain apps will fail to work because they can't safely store or access your private data on an altered machine.

Comment: Re:TMobile G1 (Score 1) 426

by CyberDog3K (#27117521) Attached to: Best Wi-Fi Portable Browsing Device?
Actually, (s)he excluded devices which require activation or service fees. The G1 can be used with Wifi connectivity and no cellular contract... obviously it won't make calls, but all the other functions will work (browsing, email, etc) as long as you're within range of a trusted network. I could even see the barcode scanning functionality being useful to someone working with all those books. Price is the only real variable for this device as far as I can tell.

Comment: My Workaround... (Score 1) 936

by CyberDog3K (#24168347) Attached to: Why Do We Have To Restart Routers?
Several years ago I was using these devices as my primary home network gateway, and experiencing the same issues. This lead me over time to replace the firewall/routing portion of the device with a home-made linux router on commodity computer hardware. My Linksys has hardly ever required rebooting since. While this is far from a good diagnostic of the problem, it definitely seemed that, at least in my case, it was the firewalling portion (particularly on high-bandwidth or connection count apps) that was crippling the device.

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