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Cy Guy's Journal: BREAKING: Bush Is Off the Wagon - and On the Horse? 7

Journal by Cy Guy

The AP has a little personal interest story about Bush's Asian trip. It notes that Bush "drank fermented mare's milk -- sometimes likened to a mix of warm beer and buttermilk" what it doesn't seem to put together from that statement is that this is the first reputable report of Bush drinking alcohol since he says he became a teatotaller after finding Jesus.

Oddly it's not the first case of Bush being mentioned in connection with horse's milk. His wife was famously quoted at a press club gala for telling a joke involving George being so unaquainted with the life of a true cowboy, that he once tried to milk a horse - and worse - it was a male horse.


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BREAKING: Bush Is Off the Wagon - and On the Horse?

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