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+ - Ask Slashdot: Can some of us get together and rebuild this community? 21

Submitted by wbr1
wbr1 (2538558) writes "It seems abundantly clear now that Dice and the SlashBeta designers do not care one whit about the community here. They do not care about rolling in crapware into sourceforge installers. In short, the only thing that talks to them is money and stupid ideas.

Granted, it takes cash to run sites like these, but they were fine before. The question is, do some of you here want to band together, get whatever is available of slashcode and rebuild this community somewhere else? We can try to make it as it once was, a haven of geeky knowledge and frosty piss, delivered free of charge in a clean community moderated format."

Comment: Re:Can't directly compare PC and phone sales ... (Score 1) 511

by Cwix (#45975315) Attached to: Apple Devices To Reach Parity With Windows PCs In 2014

You seriously do not understand. I will break it down for you.

Lets say you have an old phone you are using. You pay 100 dollars monthly for service.
You go get the new free upgrade. You pay exactly the same, 100 dollars a month.

There is no added loan to pay off. The "payment" for the phone is hidden in your monthly payments. You will pay the same monthly payment whether or not you go get the new phone. There is no change for sticking with your old one. In fact you are the sucker if you dont go get the upgrade, you are already paying for it because it is already hidden in the monthly charges.

Comment: Re:Return to vendor (Score 4, Insightful) 189

by Cwix (#45852673) Attached to: Backdoor Discovered In Netgear and Linkys Routers

The free dictionary:

Noun 2. back door - an undocumented way to get access to a computer system or the data it containsback door - an undocumented way to get access to a computer system or the data it contains
access code, access - a code (a series of characters or digits) that must be entered in some way (typed or dialed or spoken) to get the use of something (a telephone line or a computer or a local area network etc.)


        the door or entrance at the back of a building.
        a feature or defect of a computer system that allows surreptitious unauthorized access to data.

So obviously it does not matter if it was a "published interface" or even if it was on purpose. It still qualifies as a backdoor. Frankly it does not sound like an accident either so I wouldn't even classify it as a bug. I certainly dont think it is unintended, a mistake, or an error. That means it does not fit your definition.

Note: Bold was added by me, and I did search other online dictionaries, most did not have definition that was technical in nature. Most referred to Back-door deals. Ones I checked were Miriam-Websters, Cambridge, and Oxford. If anyone does find a better definition I welcome being corrected.

Comment: Misleading article is misleading (Score 4, Insightful) 586

by Cwix (#45677055) Attached to: Oregon Signs Up Just 44 People For Obamacare Despite Spending $300 Million

The number is so dismal because the Oregon website was worse then the National website. Not because people dont want it as the linked article implies.

Nearly 25,000 individuals and families have so far submitted hard-copy applications, Cox said, with nearly two-thirds of those applicants eligible for Medicaid, a federal-state healthcare plan for the needy.

But none of those applicants has actually been enrolled, with manual processing of the paperwork slowing the process dramatically.

Separately, about 70,000 residents have signed up for Medicaid by responding to letters sent by the state to more than 200,000 people deemed eligible for the program by virtue of their receiving food stamps, Cox said.

Oh wait look who submitted it, cold fjord our resident republi-troll. Hey Cold Fjord... Fuck Off.

Comment: Re: Duh (Score 4, Insightful) 462

by Cwix (#45623305) Attached to: U.S. Measles Cases Triple In 2013

Measles prognosis:

There are many complications associated with measles. Some of the complications are very serious and occur most frequently in babies or adults who contract the disease. These include ear infections, bronchitis, and pneumonia. However, the most serious complication associated with measles is encephalitis, an infection of the brain. Encephalitis can lead to convulsions, hearing loss, and mental retardation, and affects approximately 1 of every 1,000 children infected with measles. Despite advances in medicine, measles can still occasionally be fatal because of these complications.
How is measles treated?

There is no treatment for measles. Once a person is infected, the virus must run its course (usually 10 to 14 days). Bed rest, acetaminophen, and other medications are often recommended or given to help treat symptoms.

TLDR: Measles is rarely fatal but there may be severe complications in 1 in 1,000. Otherwise it is two weeks of hell that they have no treatment for.

Word to the wise, if I had a kid who couldn't get the vaccine for some reason and they caught this from your kid. I would not be a happy camper.

Comment: Re:interesting though stupid comment (Score 1) 784

by Cwix (#45558039) Attached to: Disabled Woman Denied Entrance To US Due To Private Medical Records

I most certainly disagree.
If you sold the ticket then they most certainly should be required to allow and enable you to take your flight. If you don't want them on your plane, do not sell them the ticket. Anything else is bullshit.
Now stop claiming to speak for everyone because I most certainly disagree, and I know I am not the only one.

Comment: Re:very understandable (Score 1) 784

by Cwix (#45558027) Attached to: Disabled Woman Denied Entrance To US Due To Private Medical Records

How exactly does knowing the diagnosis help them. Having a list of drugs you're on helps them, but knowing why does not help in the slightest. Nor does it help to be printed on the label. Perhaps you can make an argument that the diag may help prevent the wrong medicine from being given, but why does the bottle need the diag?

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