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Comment: Mobile Development (Score 1) 281

by Cutting_Crew (#46511087) Attached to: Eric Schmidt On Why College Is Still Worth It
If I was a high school Junior or Senior now and I knew that i wanted to be an iOS developer, I wouldn;t darken the doors of a college campus. There is plenty of material online for teaching yourself software development in general and more specific mobile developement. You've got tons of forums, tutorials, books, the free stanford IOS class for FREE on iTunes, etc etc. Also companies where mobile development is paramount, they aren't on the "only people with degrees need apply" attitude.

Comment: Buying Direct.... (Score 1) 342

by Cutting_Crew (#46461047) Attached to: New Jersey Auto Dealers Don't Want to Face Tesla
We can buy an iPhone direct from Apple instead of a wireless provider just as much as buying a TV directly from Samsung or an infinite amount of other goods and services on the internet or in showrooms dedicated to a certain product or line of products. Why are cars the exception??

I guess its no surprise considering that its still illegal to pump your own gas in NJ.

Comment: Re:I've been through that, almost 8 years ago. (Score 1) 533

by Cutting_Crew (#46126907) Attached to: The Moderately Enthusiastic Programmer
some people have like wives and kids..ya know families. So when its time to get off work, family should be #1. not coding when ive already been coding all day. That doesnt mean that you cant do 'something' on the side but of course there was no definition of 'coding in their spare time' when the amount of spare time could mean 4 or 5 hours a week or less.

Comment: There is a problem with "viewership" (Score 1) 45

by Cutting_Crew (#44998323) Attached to: Facebook Delivers Viewer Engagement Reports To TV Networks
Just because someone has a channel on doesn't mean they are watching it. Doesnt mean its not on mute. Someone could be taking a whiz, making dinner or any number of things. Does DVR recording count as "watching"? because if thats the case you can FF through all the commercials anyway. I dont know how television networks get so much money from advertisers when actual viewership is just, at best, a liberal estimate of how many people are actually watching anything at all.

Comment: Re:TAX or PENALTY???? (Score 1) 688

by Cutting_Crew (#44818515) Attached to: How Car Dealership Lobbyists Successfully Banned Tesla Motors From Texas
How can SCOTUS make it a tax out of thin air when thats not what the bill spelled it out to be? I dont see how they redefine it to be a tax instead of a penalty just to save unconstitutional merits. Your line about deferring to Congress is really exactly what i was confused about. Shouldn't congress have had to go back and write it as a tax and vote on it again since originally it was going to be a penalty?

Comment: Re:TAX or PENALTY???? (Score 1) 688

the general idea was is that if it had been written as a Tax instead of a penalty it wouldnt have made it to the presidents desk to sign because people didnt want to be taxed more to basically fund other peoples healthcare - so they were going through with it as a penalty.... this is what i remember so please correct me.

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