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Comment: Re: Sigh (Score 2) 341

how did SCOTUS declare it a tax when it wasnt wriiten up as one in the law? How do they have the leeway to change the definition of something in a ruling? They are supposed to rule on whats before them, not define it as something else in order for it to pass constitutional muster.. ??? The reason it wasnt called a "tax" in the law is because it wouldnt have gotten the votes. SCOTUS ruling it is a "tax" bypasses the whole point of voting for a bill.

Am i missing something?

Comment: The Credit Report/Credit Score system is FAIL (Score 1) 570

by Cutting_Crew (#47563625) Attached to: 35% of American Adults Have Debt 'In Collections'
True story. Last year I had a credit score of 817. I then sold my home (installment debt), HELOC(home equity line of credit(installment loan) - which by the way has to be paid off for you to close on your house) and during that same week I closed on land that i sold that I was paying on (also an installment loan). We were moving and it all kinda happened around the same time. The NEXT month my credit score dropped to 787. Thats right...30 points.

See it turns out that your credit score is made up of a number of different factors and one of them is the kind of debt that you hold. So even though I havent been late on any of these installment loans my score still dropped because part of your credit score is based upon the right "mix" of debt that you have. Thats right friends. IF YOU PAY YOUR BILLS YOU ARE PENALIZED.

The whole thing is a scam. Let's get this through our thick skulls right now. Banks want to lend money to people that pay their bills on time but at the same time generate interest income. It's not really even, to a certain extent, based on whether you have a good enough job to pay the loan off that you are applying for. It's based on how much money the creditor thinks they can make off of you. I guess none of this really matters unless you need to purchase a new vehicle or buy a home. Smaller purchases like big screen tv's and laptops you can get credit for at your local brick and mortar for 0% for 18-24 months and thats easy to get even if you dont have perfect credit.

The difference between 787 and 817 however can make a difference in interest rates(i will be looking for a new home in the next 2 - 3 years). Since my credit score dropped to 787 back in November its now back to 800 but its been there now for 4 months without budging. I am not complaining about that - i just thought i would share my experience. I wonder what my score will be like once i am debt free by December?

Comment: Mobile Development (Score 1) 281

by Cutting_Crew (#46511087) Attached to: Eric Schmidt On Why College Is Still Worth It
If I was a high school Junior or Senior now and I knew that i wanted to be an iOS developer, I wouldn;t darken the doors of a college campus. There is plenty of material online for teaching yourself software development in general and more specific mobile developement. You've got tons of forums, tutorials, books, the free stanford IOS class for FREE on iTunes, etc etc. Also companies where mobile development is paramount, they aren't on the "only people with degrees need apply" attitude.

Comment: Buying Direct.... (Score 1) 342

by Cutting_Crew (#46461047) Attached to: New Jersey Auto Dealers Don't Want to Face Tesla
We can buy an iPhone direct from Apple instead of a wireless provider just as much as buying a TV directly from Samsung or an infinite amount of other goods and services on the internet or in showrooms dedicated to a certain product or line of products. Why are cars the exception??

I guess its no surprise considering that its still illegal to pump your own gas in NJ.

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