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Comment: bleak pot (Score 1) 457

by CuteSteveJobs (#46969955) Attached to: Favorite Star Wars Movie?
I want to see a bleak German Expressionist remake of Star Wars IV where we see the last days of the Death Star through the eyes of the hard working stormtroopers and officers of the empire, praying for this wretched war to be over, so they could go back home to their loved ones. Flashbacks to spousal romances. Flashbacks to their children playing on the beach. Tragic.

Comment: Mixed feelings (Score 2) 201

by CuteSteveJobs (#46969891) Attached to: $7 USB Stick Aims To Bring Thousands of Poor People Online

As a geek I love the idea, but to the dirt poor and especially in the third world $7 could go towards more pressing needs like sanitation, clean water and medicine. There are many problems the poor of the world face. We can fix more than one problem at a time, but lack of Internet access is no where close to the #1 position - unless those kidnapped Nigerian girls can adapt a USB stick into an improvised weapon. Problem when the only tool you know how to use is a hammer every problem looks like a nail, and geeks are geeks.

PS Saw a funny motivational of this pic lamenting the poor kid was being deprived of the joys of facebook and twitter:

Comment: WTF? (Score 1) 125

by CuteSteveJobs (#46572523) Attached to: Google Glass Signs Deal With Ray Ban's Parent Company

> The deal shows how serious Google is about Glass contrary to the skepticism raised by high-profiled users like Robert Scoble who spelled doom for the device.

How do you get from there to this? So they signed a deal with Ray Ban. So what? Does this suddenly mean Scoble has to publish a retraction?

More astroturfing. NSA and now this.

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