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Comment: Re:More than a physicist... (Score 1) 330

by Cussin_IT (#33889580) Attached to: Sir Isaac Newton, Alchemist

You have a piont there, and that's realy what I was thinking too, but more along the lines of how future scientists will see us. The scientific comunity poured a huge amount of time and recorces into developing cold fusion -for instance- that we now now to be either imposible or nearly so. The piont I'm trying to make here is that you realy don't know if somthing is imposible or not untill you actualy try it.

As a case in piont here, it is actualy posible to change a lead atom into a gold atom, using a special atomic laser to shave off extra protons. Asumming you don't mind having an extramly unstable and radioactive ingot. The Alchemests where sure this was posible, they just didn't know how to do it.


+ - 76% of big business is getting more Linux servers->

Submitted by Cussin_IT
Cussin_IT (1143215) writes "Networkworld has an article on the uptake of linux servers.
According to the article, 76% of large organisations are planning to add linux servers, while only 41% are adding windows servers (presumably this means 17% are adding both) over the next year. And in the next 5 years the percentage adding windows servers drops to 21%."

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Comment: Re:Game theory does just fine here (Score 1) 128

by Cussin_IT (#33878854) Attached to: Gambling On Bacteria

This kind of reminds me of a species of possum (I don't think it's an Asutralaisian one, so it must be from the Americas). If there isn't food for all of these possums in the area, some will just drop dead allowing more food for those that are still alive.
From the stand piont of any given individual, this is a bad evolotionary move, but for the species as a whole it gives them a distinct advatage over a population that is continualy expanding and the food source stays the same size.

Comment: Re:Apologetically Enthusiastic (Score 1) 309

by Cussin_IT (#33878716) Attached to: Canon Blocks Copy Jobs Using Banned Keywords

This is exactly what I thought too.
Right up untill the cinic part of my brian said : "anti terrorist tool". And then I had visions of anyone printing the word 'quaran' being dragged off under the patriot act after the printer phoned home.

I'm sorry to say it, but to me it looks a lot more like a clandesdine tool for the goverment to get rid of people they don't like. Even if it didn't start out that way I imagine it ending that way.

Comment: Re:Its like router filters the *admin* sets (Score 1) 309

by Cussin_IT (#33878652) Attached to: Canon Blocks Copy Jobs Using Banned Keywords

That's it: it's all up to the admin. Untill Cannon decides that all admins are stupid/ unAmerican/ terrorists/ all of the above.

And don't forget all of the hardcoded keywords that'll be in there for the goverment (RRIA) to track terrorists (don't think they won't be there, as soon as politicans see this they'll make it illegal to sell without somthing they can use to spy on their populations).

Comment: Re:407e6 (Score 1) 62

by Cussin_IT (#33878504) Attached to: Cyber-criminals Targeting Online Gaming Websites

Not necessarily: If you assume that half of the population aren't (online) gamers, then the number of hours per gamer doubles.

I'd be willing to guess that only one person in 5 is tech-savy enough to be a gamer (remember that 'the population' includes octogenarians and infants), and that only half of them actually are, meaning that each gamer in this senario is clocking up an average of 510 hours per year, or 9 and a bit per week.

+ - China Diverts Aircraft because of a UFO.->

Submitted by Cussin_IT
Cussin_IT (1143215) writes "Three flights into the Chinese city of Baotou, located in Inner Mongolia, have been diverted to avoid a UFO.

Described as 'flat and tubular', it reportedly hovered around 3km away, before zooming in, circling the airport and vanishing.

"To guarantee security, aircraft had to land at secondary airports," a spokeswoman said. "Otherwise, it may have led to collision.""

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