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Comment Re:extracting "fuel" from the very fabric of space (Score 1) 443 443

This thing isn't going to get 1G. No known power source could provide enough power-to-weight ratio sustained, and even if one could the engine would melt in seconds. Forget even 0.1m/s/s, and think thrusts measured in milinewtons.

That's not true. Using a matter/anti-matter annihilation drive, you can get to the nearest star at 1g acceleration with just 10 kg of fuel for each kg of payload. Now, it's true we don't have such an engine, but we do have (a tiny amount of) anti-matter, and the energy output is 100% efficient. So it's a known power source which can provide sustained acceleration with only about 10x the fuel to payload ratio, maybe a bit more to make up for a less than perfectly efficient thrust engine.

Comment Re:2 time the gravity thought (Score 2) 133 133

Note this world is rather denser than Earth - 5x the mass packed into 4x the volume. Should be a great place for heavy metal poisoning. Or toxic wastelands.

Or gold mining! Yea, that's the ticket to get the prospectors out there to colonize the place. Interstellar gold rush!

Comment Re:Not a factor in actually secure environments (Score 1) 227 227

We had a contractor here one time that brought in a portable AP. It was set to broadcast the SSID which was "I Shoot Kids". This was shortly after the Sandy Hook incident. The admin called security and he was ejected permanently.

Comment Political filters (Score 1) 136 136

I just checked my spam folder again. I reserved a U-Haul, and the email confirming that reservation went to spam. One of the few false positives I get, but there are others.

What's interesting is all the political fund-raising emails. Only the conservative ones end up in Spam (Campaign for Liberty, Conservative Senate committee, Scott Walker, Rand Paul, Jeb Bush, Mark Mix, etc.). That's fine - I don't really want to see those emails anyway. Yet, I get lots of the same emails from Hillary Clinton, Obama, Harry Reid, common good VA, Virginia Dems, Webb 2016, etc, and NONE of those left-leaning groups or politicians get sent to Spam. 0. That seems a little odd - I didn't do any filter training based on that. So does Google's spam filter have a political leaning?

Comment Re:kindergartners? (Score 1) 74 74

Government would hate that.


ps - why the cap on "conservatives"? RU1?

Nope not R or C, but I live in SE Virginia and seem them all around... Fucking over the country as a whole and specifically anyone who's not rich, white, and heterosexual (all of which which I actually am) - because "'muh Freedoms!" and "let's leave things to the scientists" (but only those that agree with us, otherwise science and scientists are bad/wrong). Fucking fucktards.

I know, right? If only SE VA would implement more liberal policies. Worked great in Detroit - err Baltimore, MD., err I mean Chicago.. NVM

Comment Re:Yeah, blame the parents (Score 1) 173 173

Maybe they're not interested in the current workforce dominated by males with sexist attitudes and L337 approaches?

More likely, they don't give a crap about that, they just want to pay as little money as possible, that's their only goal.

This latest effort is just an attempt to deflect criticism of the gender mix in their own workforce, by blaming the "unconscious bias" in educators and parents for their inability to find qualified females for their workforce. It's closer to the truth to say that the cheap Indian and Chinese labor they want is mostly made up of men, very much more so than the field of US candidates.

Comment Re:I've had one rule while on-line and followed it (Score 1) 202 202

That said, I have seen things I posted on Usenet where I have the complete opposite opinion right now. People change ideas. Extra information becomes available. What was OK a while ago is not ok now and the other way around.

Are you sure it wasn't the kool-aid? Or did this magical transformation in opinion occur when you had to start working for a living?

The brain is a wonderful organ; it starts working the moment you get up in the morning, and does not stop until you get to work.