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Comment: Re:No-ip isn't shady (Score 1) 105

They can sound hurt all they want that OpenDNS and Cisco and Microsoft wrote public blogs or took action rather than reporting the individual offenders to No-IP first.

Really? What about all their legitimate customers? Just "collateral damage", all worth the cost? Most of their customers use their free services, they only have a staff of *12* people. Of COURSE they want help getting reports of abuse. And the *DO* respond to those quickly and appropriately.

What Microsoft did was unconscionable. It's like some vigilantes wanted to put an end to shootings in South Side Chicago, but instead of reporting all the shooters to police, they just decided to set off a nuke in the area and wipe out everybody. Problem solved, right?

Comment: Re:no-ip is shady? (Score 1) 105

TFA calls NO-IP shady. ITworld aren't journalists either, apparently.

The whole summary reads like propaganda.

"fighting cybercrime ... the Internet's Dirty Harry ... single-handedly take down cyber criminal networks ... the (shady) NO-IP ... "

And, of course, along with being the big, bad, good-guy cop, some "alleged" that their business was disrupted. Poor old Microsoft is "weary" of its role.

Comment: Re: It's Microsoft's fault (Score 0) 105

What's with all the services hiding under svchost.exe anyways?

They're not hiding.

tasklist /svc

Sorry to dispel your ignorance.

If I didn't know better, I might ask what's with all those daemons hiding behind xinetd? But I do know better.


C:\Windows\system32>tasklist /svc | grep svchost

'grep' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.


Comment: Doctors suck (Score 1) 24

by Curunir_wolf (#47412299) Attached to: Another Dementia Test Oversold

A while back, a friend of mine went to the doctor complaining of fatigue. He was just constantly tired and unsure why. They checked him into the hospital for tests, and shortly declared he had Leukemia and needed to start chemotherapy right away. After several weeks, including a long stay in the ICU, the doctors declared the treatment a "success". He remained in the ICU and died yesterday.

Fucking quacks "practicing" medicine and performing "treatments" that have a proven low survival rate - but, hey, everybody including the pharmaceutical companies are raking in the money, so it's all good. Except for my friend, who would have lived longer and had less pain than he did under their "treatment".

Fuck them. Stop it with the myopic single diagnosis / single treatment crap. People are NOT petri dishes.

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by Curunir_wolf (#47396775) Attached to: No Shortage In Tech Workers, Advocacy Groups Say

But not elsewhere. So why in the wide wide world of sports would they hire American's? It just doesn't make any sense. It is not life, liberty, pursuit of happiness, and a guaranteed 6 figure income. That is not how any of this works.

How come all the shills in this thread defending hiring 3rd world workers for 1st world company jobs are all Anonymous Cowards? Are they all Social Media Strategists for ManPower and Infosys? Just asking.

It probably will not go over well in this venue, but I just don't see how people can get so worked up at companies for doing what's in the company's best interests

Well part of the issue is that often times it is clearly not in the company's best interest - certainly not in the long term, and even more often not if the company relies on any decent level of customer satisfaction to survive and compete.

There's a reason they don't want to hire American's, and it's because they cost too much. The fact that people in other countries are lining up to do the same work for cheap is concrete proof that it isn't as difficult work as you think.

And yet, clearly, they are NOT doing the same work. Sure, they're lining up - with worthless 3rd world degrees handed out from a corrupt system and paper qualifications that make them appear qualified while they can't figure out how to poor piss out of a boot with instructions on the heel.

Recent labor statistics show that productivity in the US has dropped significantly in the last few years. Want to know why? American workers replaced with cheap labor. It's been happening for more than 5 years, but the results are now starting to be felt in the labor market as a whole.

There is no getting around the fact that you can find skilled workers from anywhere, and you will find paper-qualified workers that are incompetent boobs from anywhere, but I've been in IT for a long time, and the fact is, if you want decent skills, you have to pay for it. Period.

Comment: Re:Two sides to every issue (Score 1) 401

by Curunir_wolf (#47396651) Attached to: No Shortage In Tech Workers, Advocacy Groups Say

While it is true that businesses create job descriptions specifically designed to eliminate American workers, it is *also* true that plenty of American IT workers think they are super-awesome and really aren't.

Yes, I've seen lots of these folks. It's not just "American IT workers", though, this phenomenon knows no nationality bounds.

Comment: Re:Nope (Score 1, Troll) 198

" Don't forget about the Polar Bears Drowning ...." it's happening, although some of mating with brown bears and creating a new species.

You lose a lot of credibility repeating the fraudulent "polar bears in danger from AGW" claim. It's bogus. The polar bear population is no in danger, it's increasing. As far as specifically drowning / brown bear mating, those phenomenon have not changed significantly and have nothing to do with AGW.

4) Man spews giga-tonnes more CO2 then can be absorbed back into the system. This is becasue we dig up stored CO2 and release it in the air.

This shows a basic misinterpretation of the carbon cycle. CO2 does not stay around forever as CO2. Estimate range widely from somewhere around 5.4 years to 30 years or more. You can look at the NOAA's video that shows the fluctuating concentrations of CO2 and see the cycle is quite dynamic. Much of it is absorbed by the ocean and land sinks, but isotope studies point to the CO2 molecules from any point source are short-lived, and do rarely re-enter the atmosphere, if ever.

SO more CO2 in the air, more energy it absorbs. Energy(heat) continues to rise.

Maybe. Typically. Certainly in a closed system with no other cooling / heating effects going on. Sorry, but the science is not "settled", neither on the specific calculations on the global temperature for a given CO2 concentration, nor on the ways and amounts that human activities can impact the climate directly.

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