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Comment: Re:Please Microsoft... (Score 1) 243

by hairyfeet (#48210595) Attached to: The Classic Control Panel In Windows May Be Gone

Why go to TPB when Win 10 is free to download straight from MSFT? And YES the tiles are only on the right side, where devices and printers and control panel used to be (they are on the left now, big whoop) and its easy enough to simply remove those tiles.

On a positive note you can make those tiles anything you want (as well as nothing at all) so I have stuck the weather there, although now that I have my Windows 7 gadgets back I'll probably get rid of it as I can easily add weather along with my beloved CoreTemp there.

Comment: First World, First World Problems (Score 2) 179

by SuperKendall (#48209925) Attached to: Will Fiber-To-the-Home Create a New Digital Divide?

This is another symptom that the US is sliding out of the first world and into the third world. It goes along with our creaky unmaintained road, water and sewage infrastructure, along with our badly out of date airports and crappy passenger rail system.

You have OBVIOUSLY never been to a real third world country, or anywhere even close. What you call an unmaintained road is like a forty lane superhighway in some places.

And then there's our overpriced and underperforming health delivery system. (Note: ACA/Obamacare is a part of the solution


Oh man, that was hysterical! The very force that is dramatically raising healthcare costs, by pouring "free" government money into the system! God that was funny.

And our failing K-12 education, which is severely underfunded

OMG!!! Just as I thought you couldn't get any more hilarious, you claim the nation spending more than any other country in the world per student is "underfunded". And pretending the problem with U.S. schools has anything to do with money whatsoever! HA HA HO HOE HO HA HA HA HA HA HA HE HO HA HO HA HA HA HAH AH....

But it's all OK, because the upper 10%, and mostly the upper .01% and above are doing really good

I hope you smile when you stare at the mirror that hard.

You are just a walking platitude, aren't you. Thanks for the laugh!

Comment: Re:Just keep it off the servers.... (Score 1) 243

by epyT-R (#48209691) Attached to: The Classic Control Panel In Windows May Be Gone

The whole point of a gui is intuitive navigation. If the user is expected to type everything, why not just have a text console that switches to gfx mode when needed, like an old dos machine? This would actually fit the asinine 'fullscreen-by-default' trend better as well. The whole point of the gui 'revolution' was to eliminate guessing what command to enter. Now, they made the gui deliberately harder to use and less flexible, and then slapped a search box on it to compensate. Talk about coming full circle. How is this guesswork better for end users? If they couldn't handle dos, then how are they expected to know what 'magic' terms to search for to get at what they want within a much more complex system? How about the techs that have to support them? It's better to have the options available in one consistent place with short, intuitive, easy to remember names, so they at least someone knows where to look.

Hunting for (in this case, removed) configurability within hidden, 'intuitively' displayed oversimplification is a big problem with metro, and the fact it's foisted on the desktop makes it even worse. Really, they need two environments, one for touch, and one for full desktop. The control panel for metro controls metro, and the control panel for the desktop gives full configurability.

The other piece is I don't want all of my data and executables indexed into some database that gets uploaded to a microsoft account when that becomes mandatory in the future. Win-R and paths are sufficient, and faster.

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by Curunir_wolf (#48208397) Attached to: Microsoft,, Oracle Latest To Be Sued Over No-Poach Deal

The second page specifies "Sensitive Companies", which is a different agreement and does indeed cover a lot more than just executives and managers.

Actually, it covers LESS. It's just a "notification of recruitment" provision.

Executive Recruiting: Inform EMG of any Director level or above candidate who we have engaged and who is starting the interview process at Google Executive Recruiting: If we go to offer with a Director or above candidate, Staffing should inform EMG and EMG will designate a senior exec to place a courtesy call into the Sensitive company to let them know we have made an offer ...

General Recruiting: For any non-exec position, we should be aware the company is on the Sensitive Company list but there are no restrictions to our recruiting from these companies at junior levels.