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Comment Which apps? (Score 1) 166

Browsing source on my repositories I can use Ctrl-F just fine - which other apps have you encountered that?

I have to admit I've never tried using the UI over dial-up, but that seems like a pretty niche issue for most people. You could still use a command line or other git client instead which would perform a lot better with that kind of network constraint... I totally agree with those who say the modern web has gotten too bloated but for something like BitBucket I would hate to lose some nice features the site has to accommodate those with really slow connections.

Comment Re:fast growth (Score 5, Interesting) 166

If anyone can take over the throne from GitHub, why would it not be BitBucket? They produce the excellent and free Git client Sourcetree, and all around have a more reasonable pricing model than GitHub.

It's not like I don't have a GitHub account, everyone does, but I also have a BitBucket account and have no qualms switching to them entirely if GitHub really starts being a problem (well, MORE of a problem since they did just recently have a big outage... perhaps that was early warning).

Comment Re:Surprised? (Score 1) 378

It's true that there are companies and aps that have gone the way of thin clients. But still the vast majority of businesses use Microsoft OS to host Microsoft office applications and mail clients. Yes, the technology exists. But it's not yet embraced. Even just the simple retraining of people to use new office aps is a painful one. I was at a well known major tech company when they were converting from Lotus to Outlook and you'd think they were retraining bartenders to be astrophysicists. Productivity was hampered for weeks and didnt fully recover for several months, just for email. Imagine that compounded with the whole Office suite.

Again, it's all entirely possible. But businesses have to weigh the pain of the transition and decide if its worth that plus the costs.

Comment Re:Basic auth or TLS client certificate (Score 1) 387

Then use progressive enhancement. In the HTML page, send a "To log out, close your browser" message. Attach a script that replaces this message with a button to log out as described in the linked answer. To get past the extension that blocks non-free scripts, distribute this script under a free software license and add appropriate metadata.

Submission + - Speeches That Earned Clinton Millions Remain a Mystery (go.com)

mdsolar writes: Hillary Clinton told voters in the latest Democratic debate there's "hardly anything you don't know about me."

Just minutes later, she got tangled in a question about a part of her resume that is an enduring mystery.

In the 18 months before launching her second presidential bid, Clinton gave nearly 100 paid speeches at banks, trade associations, charitable groups and private corporations. The appearances netted her $21.7 million — and voters very little information about what she was telling top corporations as she prepared for her 2016 campaign.

What she said — or didn't say — to Wall Street banks in particular has become a significant problem for her presidential campaign, as she tries to counter the unexpected rise of Democratic rival Bernie Sanders. He's put her in awkward position of squaring her financial windfall with a frustrated electorate.

Asked in the debate — and not for the first time — about releasing transcripts of those speeches, she said: "I will look into it. I don't know the status, but I will certainly look into it." She added, "My view on this is, look at my record."

Comment Re:Better transistors? (Score 1) 293

That's only because most people are too unaware to realize they perform much worse with a mobile device than they would with proper keyboard, monitor, and software. Then they export their subpar output to others. Who wants to sit there and read badly 'corrected' txt gibberish in an email concerning a critical issue?

The day all the 'workstation' work requires paying up the ass in 'service' fees for access to remote clusters is the day computing for the masses truly dies.

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