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Comment Re:Easy solution (Score 1) 262

Dealers need to step aside and get out of the fucking way of the sale. It's a stupid business model. There is no value in having a middleman in this process anymore.

No value for ANYBODY. If this is really true:

A salesperson "can sell two gas burners in less than it takes to sell a Leaf," Deutsch says. "It's a lot of work for a little pay."

Then the commission on a $50,000 vehicle is way too low, and it's time the dealerships were seriously shaken up and kicked in the ass.

Somebody is making a ton of dough, and if it's not the salesmen, then it's the bosses in the backroom. I.e., the "overhead".

Comment Re:Cost of access is key. (Score 1) 272

So to cut to the chase. Government opened up new territories, protected them and the trade routes and private business just ruthlessly and very destructively exploited what Government had provided.

Except that's mostly nonsense. Few ships were really "private". East India Company was profitable mainly because it had a Royal charter and was subsidized and protected by the crown. Even most pirates, up to about 200 years ago, were government-sponsored.

Some private enterprise did enter the sail-shipping business in the later years, but the earlier days were almost all government-driven, in one form or another.

Having said all that, I'm not sure I buy that space exploration will follow the same pattern. Government funding is fickle... corporations with smarts are in it for the long haul.

Comment Re:The takeaway is that Tesla is right (Score 1) 262

The manufacturers don't want to sell you "any cars that are very novel or that require substantially less maintenance". Hell, they don't have to be all that novel. Just try some manufacturer's "build to order" site for a car. "Oh, you want a manual transmission and a normal spare tire on that Chevy Colorado?...Too bad, you need to upgrade to the V6 and get the automatic." WTF?!?! A few of Fiat-Chrysler's vehicles are built in Europe and have more powertrain options than what they will sell you in the US. For some reason, they insist on you getting the 9 speed automatic shitbox for damn near everything if you're a US customer. Everyone else has more choices.

Comment Re:Yeah, I've worked with a few of those (Score 1) 445

Many of the engineers I've worked with stayed on the verge of a nervous breakdown most of the time and were prone to extreme misanthropy. So I'm not surprised they would be attracted to a line of work where they get to blow people up.

OP doesn't explain why in the '60s and '70s US, domestic terrorists were almost exclusively Leftists, who exploded more bombs in 1968 in D.C. alone than all U.S. conservative domestic terrorists, in all parts of the country, in modern history.

Although I do admit that conservative US domestic terrorists as a rule have done rather better at it; tending to blow up real targets rather than toilets.

Comment Re:Less service? (Score 1) 262

Granted I don't know much about cars, but don't eletric cars still need winter tires, aren't there still moving parts that needs oil, etc?

You only need winter tires if you're in a location that experiences winter. Even then, for most of the USA good quality all-seasons* are more than sufficient. You still need to replace them though.

Yes, there's generally still 'lots' of oil in an electric vehicle. However, the reason engine oil needs to be replaced so often is heat and contamination. The heat breaks down the oil eventually, and the byproducts of combustion contaminate it, which is why you need a filter.

The oil in a properly operating EV never gets that hot though, and is thus treated more like gear oil - so it's like the oil in your transmission, gear boxes, etc... Which is generally changed out far less often.

Regular maintenance items an EV needs: Tires, wipers, wiper fluid, cabin air filter, lights, etc...
Regular maintenance that an EV doesn't need: Engine oil, coolant, brake pads*, air filter, spark plugs, etc...
Maintenance that's more expensive on an EV: Replacing the battery, but costs are coming down 'quickly'.

*EVs still have brake pads, but regenerative braking cuts their usage enough that a pad designed to last around a decade for a regular vehicle lasts the lifetime of an EV.

*Disclaimer: ~2" of snow and today I had to push a woman in a tiny car who had gotten stuck in the middle of the road because she was driving on half-worn 'all seasons' that were 90% summer tire.

Comment Re:Easy solution (Score 4, Informative) 262

Which state would that be, as the ACs mention?
From wiki:

In the United States, direct manufacturer auto sales are prohibited in almost every state by franchise laws requiring that new cars be sold only by dealers.

Customer Experience
According to one survey, more than half of dealership customers would prefer to buy directly from the manufacturer, without any monetary incentives to do so. An analyst report of a direct sales model is estimated to cut the cost of a vehicle by 8.6%.[11] This implies an even greater demand currently exists for a direct manufacturer sales model. However, state laws in the United States prohibit manufacturers from selling directly, and customers must buy through a dealer.

Comment Re:I want stability (Score 1) 48

I have games from Win9X through 2015 and I have no issues playing them on my R9 280, in fact the only issues I have playing older games is I often have to bypass the shitastic DRM they used them like Starfuck and SecuSUC which will if you aren't careful try to shoehorn a 32bit kernel driver into a 64bit kernel and fuck the OS. Luckily most of the companies making that shit were so damned cheap they kept their piss poor 16bit installers way into the 32bit era and thus won't be able to run the installer.

But since they switched away from VLIW to GCN things have been nothing but candy and puppies and say what you will but you have to give 'em credit, when they EOLed the old VLIW cards and APUs when they released Crimson? They were at least decent enough to release a beta of Crimson specifically for these older chips that not only gives them any Crimson features that those chips will support but also runs on Win 7-10 so any of the older chips that didn't have Win 10 drivers? Well they do now. I installed it on my E350 netbook from 2011, runs great and even improved my hardware video acceleration.

Comment Re:Duh (Score 1, Interesting) 435

I think its pretty obvious what it is...its SVCHOSTS for Linux, a once simple idea that continued to grow until more and more of the system is running it and won't run without it.

Considering how all Red Hat talks about now is virtualization and the cloud? Mark my words Linux will be nothing but a VM running on SystemD in 5 years, I wonder if Linus will stick around when Linux is a second class citizen running on top of a system he has zero control over or input in?

Comment Re:When to stop? (Score 1) 317

I slowly started to install some Ubuntu (for ease of use) on my parents' computers, and that fits most of the requirements they have: internet, flash games, video, music.

After you have defenestrated a PC in this manner, how do you handle it when someone asks for help getting suspend to work again? "I closed the lid and opened it again, and now it's stuck on a black screen."

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