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by hairyfeet (#48200747) Attached to: 'Microsoft Lumia' Will Replace the Nokia Brand

Uhhh...did everybody forget that Nokia still exists as a company? And that as part of the sale they are only barred from selling mobile devices for 3 years? Why in the hell would they want to build positive rep for a brand they will be most likely competing against in a few years?

Frankly the whole argument is moot anyway because you go into mobile stores and folks don't call it the "Nokia Lumia" anymore than they call it the "Samsung Galaxy" or "HTC Evo" its just the Lumia, Galaxy, and Evo. Working retail I deal with folks and phones all damned day (one of the new services I offer is loading Android ROMs,becoming quite popular here) and I can tell you nobody calls them the full name, they just call it by the model.

Comment: Let's start by closing the front door (Score 1, Interesting) 150

It would go a long way if the US refused direct commercial flights to and from the countries with outbreaks, and refused entry to anyone that has been in one of those countries in the past 3 weeks. The exception would be for US citizens and they should go through quarantine.

Comment: Term that applies to this article: GIGO (Score 1) 460

by operagost (#48199423) Attached to: NPR: '80s Ads Are Responsible For the Lack of Women Coders

These early personal computers weren't much more than toys. You could play pong or simple shooting games, maybe do some word processing. And these toys were marketed almost entirely to men and boys.

Wow, not only is this wrong, it's stupid. Home computers were aimed at FAMILIES, especially Commodores. Apples were ubiquitous in education, and I don't remember girls being asked to leave the room while the boys hacked on BASIC and LOGO. Were there male-oriented ads? Yes, but I don't remember any unless you count Shatner's-- and that would be only if you were some ironic sexist who thought Star Trek wasn't for girls. The author provides a biased sample by digging up two that happened to feature boys in them-- and they still have girls present. If I felt like slogging on YouTube for an hour, I could probably find ten that had girls and women prominently involved.

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by Curunir_wolf (#48198917) Attached to: Manga Images Depicting Children Lead to Conviction in UK

I pointed out what the regulation says, with a verbatim quote, and you accused me of lying (editing it).

Yes, it's verbatim, but it's not the rule. You quoted an introduction to the rule. Here is the entire thing:

Based on the record,227 we propose a general rule prohibiting a broadband Internet access service provider from discriminating against, or in favor of, any content, application, or service, subject to reasonable network management. More specifically we propose the following new rule:

5. Subject to reasonable network management, a provider of broadband Internet access service must treat lawful content, applications, and services in a nondiscriminatory manner.

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by Curunir_wolf (#48198523) Attached to: Manga Images Depicting Children Lead to Conviction in UK

That takes no "new" government regulation, just applying existing laws as intended. But since the government refuses to do so, people called for the government to make more regulations (on companies, not people or the Internet) to prevent damaging behavior.

Well that's how Hitler came to power.

BOOM! DONE! You can stop calling me names for pointing out what the regulations say now.

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by DarkOx (#48196831) Attached to: 'Microsoft Lumia' Will Replace the Nokia Brand

Yea but the hatred of Microsoft is more resentment and jealousy than anything else. Sure geeks hate them but nobody else really does. Microsoft like IBM before it represents safety in a confusing market place. Nobody every got fired for buying Microsoft, just like nobody ever got fired for buying IBM before that.

Microsoft has lost the consumer phone space, they have not yet decided they won't try but they know trying to get Teens and college kids to think their phones are 'cool' and or convince homemakers they are easy and safe would mean dislodging incumbents who have invested lots in that messaging already and have largely succeeded and are now seeing those ideas intrenched. Nokia still has come cache there; if they were going down that road they'd pick Nokia.

Microsoft is instead going with their old top down we're gonna force it on you strategy. The business mobile space has tons of companies that still don't have device deployment beyond the sales force, they have large orgs that are fleeing the Blackberry sinking ship. They can land those deals, right now all the policy management and such absolutely sucks for IOS and android; its all half backed and has more holes in it than a Swiss cheese. Microsoft is a brand you sell IT managers on. Its familiar and rule 0 of marketing is familiarity is more important than likability. People will knowingly select a brand they have had negative past experience with over the unknown.

IT manager thinking works like this: durr herp derp Samsung they make TVs; now Microsoft they make IT solutions! derp.

The truth is Windows phone probably can/will score better on their myopic score card spreadsheet too, Microsoft knows how to win the weighted decision matrix game. Which we all should know is a tool managers everywhere use to give a veneer of objectivity to their most subjective a prejudiced decisions. I look forward to the TCO whitepapers streaming from servers in 5 . 4 . 3 . 2 . 1 what relevance do the categories and metrics chosen have to do with anything; well the will have been 'scientifically' chose to make Microsoft look good.

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by Curunir_wolf (#48196797) Attached to: Manga Images Depicting Children Lead to Conviction in UK

Sorry you're so butt-hurt by the facts that you have to try to resort to offensive name-calling and wild speculation. Some people are such blind fools they just refuse to see the world as it is. The FCC have themselves stated that they would have different regulations that would not look like the POTS common-carrier rules. It's right there in the proposal. But I know you can't be bothered to read more than soundbites from UpVote, and can't understand more than 2 sentences strung together.

So I'll leave this excerpt from the FCC's proposed rules, for anyone else that may come along actually interested in something more than screaming and shouting down anyone pointing out inconvenient facts.

As explained above, rather than extending that common carrier standard to broadband Internet access services, we propose a general nondiscrimination rule subject to reasonable network management and specifically enumerated exceptions (including separate treatment of managed or specialized services). We believe that a bright-line rule against discrimination, subject to reasonable network management and enumerated exceptions, may better fit the unique characteristics of the Internet, which differs from other communications networks in that it was not initially designed to support just one application (like telephone and cable television networks), but rather to allow users at the edge of the network to decide toward which lawful uses to direct the network.

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by tepples (#48196219) Attached to: Delivering Malicious Android Apps Hidden In Image Files

Show me a single app that will work on one of these versions but not the others.

Any application that requires Windows XP Mode, SUA, or more than 16 GB of RAM will work only on Windows 7 Pro and Ultimate according to this table. So does any application that is accessed remotely through Remote Desktop.

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by tepples (#48195899) Attached to: Delivering Malicious Android Apps Hidden In Image Files
If the malware didn't need root to enable itself as a device admin, then you don't need root to disable it. Most Android malware that makes the news is not the alleged "malware" installed by carriers, and besides, that's easily avoidable by buying Nexus or Google Play Edition devices and avoiding VZW and Sprint.

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by tepples (#48195879) Attached to: Delivering Malicious Android Apps Hidden In Image Files

Because that is putting time and effort into developing features to support competitors.

Canonical put time and effort into the Personal Package Archive system, which supports competitors to the official Ubuntu repository. Each PPA is a Debian repository with a public key to verify packages, and a Canonical-managed PKI ties them together. True, a lot of that comes from the Debian project, but Canonical still polished it into PPAs starting in Ubuntu 9.10.

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by tepples (#48195783) Attached to: Delivering Malicious Android Apps Hidden In Image Files
Yet because Apple rejects useful applications such as MozStumbler and any web browser that isn't a Safari wrapper, users end up having to deal with a platform that allows use of unsigned binaries without payment of a recurring fee to the operating system publisher. They have nothing to do with each other technically and everything to do with each other politically.

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