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Comment: Re:Reading comprehension first (Score 1) 387

by CurunirAran (#46135615) Attached to: Should Everybody Learn To Code?
I'm entirely fine with that. Trying to commoditize coding is not the way forward. "Everyone can Code", "Coding is easy", etc are all stupid statements being generated by companies so that they can get cheap sources of mass labour.

I don't see doctors or lawyers playing down the difficulty of their profession in any way. Why should the software industry do the same?

Comment: Re:Immaturity, not necessarily sexism. (Score 1) 762

by CurunirAran (#44804963) Attached to: Sexist Presentations At Startup Competition Prompt TechCrunch Apology
How the fucking fuck is this sexist in any fucking way? The guys made an app about taking pictures of yourself staring at boobs. That's highly immature, but NOT sexist in any fucking way.

I don't see any outrage over girls drooling over half-naked guys in Twilight or other 'Tween' movies, so why is this app sexist, but Twilight not?

Comment: Re:A me too case? (Score 1) 174

by CurunirAran (#44787921) Attached to: Japan's L-Zero Maglev Train Reaches 310 mph In Trials
Not necessarily. In India, while trains are slower, they are also much cheaper than taking airplanes. Yet most trains consist of coaches only having bunks for sleeping (along with tables and such). And this is in a country that's packed to the brim with people.

I don't see why fast trains wouldn't work in the USA.

Comment: Re:This is not new... (Score 1) 78

by CurunirAran (#44290417) Attached to: Scientists Use Sound Waves To Levitate, Move Objects

Ever notice how sliding a desk across a floor is really heard to do, then gets easier? It's because it's levitating part of the mass on trapped sound waves under the sliding feet...

This is old news by now.

What? It has nothing whatsoever to do with sound waves, but rather the fact that the coefficient of static friction is higher than that of kinetic friction.

When you are stationary, you are working against static friction. Once you are moving, however, you are doing work against kinetic friction, which is a weaker force for most substances.

Comment: Re:and how many people just cramed the test (Score 5, Informative) 304

by CurunirAran (#43925411) Attached to: Hacker Exposes Evidence of Widespread Grade Tampering In India
The Indian system of education doesn't work like that. Here's a post I made on another forum: You can theoretically attain all marks in the 0-100 range because there is no scaling up. Each paper has components that together total upto a 100. For example, there could be 10 1-mark questions, 15 2-mark questions, 4 3-mark questions, 3 4-mark questions and 6 6-mark questions. Each question can be graded to a fraction of it's worth. So you can get 1.5 on a 2-mark question, 0.5 on a 3-mark question, etc. Thus theoretically, all possible combinations of scores are possible. The absence of certain scores is evidence of tampering. SOURCE: I appeared for the CBSE exams last year. The system is similar, though not the same.

Comment: Re:Tipping point ... (Score 1) 427

by CurunirAran (#43210531) Attached to: Electronics Arts CEO Ousted In Wake of SimCity Launch Disaster
FIFA 13 is horrible. Their online play is terribly buggy. The inbuilt presets for teams are totally unlike their actual playing styles. The AI often plays in stupid ways, and yet manages to have near perfect ball control/ passing, even for very weak teams. There's a bug in Career mode which makes it impossible to play more than two seasons if you want to buy a player in the transfer market. While it may be the best offering on the market, with the money it makes, I expect a much better product.

Comment: Re: Could have been.... (Score 1) 81

by CurunirAran (#43156885) Attached to: Ancient Mars Could Have Supported Life
While the point you make about the slar wind blowing away any potential atmosphere on Mars, that is a process that takes MILLIONS of years. It is not a sudden process. Millions of years is enough for bacteria to evolve to the gradually increasing harshness of the environment. Also, it is important to consider that sub-surface bacteria do not need an atmosphere, light or even oxygen to survive.

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