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Comment Re:Normally I side with the EFF, BUT (Score 2) 143

I'd sort of agree with you. Cisco shouldn't be criticiszed for selling communications equipment to China. The evidence is plain, what better way to lift people from under oppressive regimes than communucations.

But, from TFA:

Cisco built an extensive law-enforcement system for the Chinese government beginning in 1999, called the "Golden Shield" or "Great Firewall."

Cisco built the fucking Great Firewall of China!
They deserve everything they can get, and more. And I don't mean profits now.

Comment Re: Douchebag move (Score 1) 85

Maybe a reporter just got him a few drinks, it isn't like he held a press conference.

No, its more like he would have tweeted[1]. You know, like in TFA, second link in TFS.
Congrats, AC. You have now proven that you fit in on /. You may now register an account.

[1] Caveat. Of course, that might be a spoof accout, set up by said reporter. How could I tell.

Comment Re:Bug in English (Score 2) 61

that would not let similar flaws to plague the hypervisor ever again

Can we trust people to critique code who can't even manage English grammar?

Yes. Very few program is written in English. C is more common.

And looking at the Qubes OS team, I'd bet English isn't the primary language for most of them.

Comment Re:Tools (Score 3, Insightful) 889

Ufnfortunatly most of the programing tools I use for embedded systems are windows only.

Wait wat?
Which embedded systems do you target? I've been doing embedded systems for 10+ years now, and the only tool I need Windows for is Excel - to fill in the company travel expenses.
Synopsys, Mentor, Xilinx, Altera, TI, ARM - they all run on Linux. Plus all the compilers for the microcontrollers tend to be gcc based anyways. And the small startup companies' embedded system IDEs seem to invariably be built on Eclipse.

Have I just been lucky? Or do we define 'embedded' diferently?

Comment I for one... (Score 1) 106

I want to be the first to welcome our poison-injecting robotic overlords.

I do hope whoever wrote the pattern recognition algorithm checked, double checked & triple checked it.
And then sent it for code-review, static and dynamic code analyzers and finally
open sourced it for the swarm of eyeballs that surely audit the code for free.

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