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Comment Re:Exactly (Score 1) 1654

"They're sort of like one of those custom Access programs written by a non-programmer that slowly grow and mutate."

Hey, I've got one of those that I set up for the bookstore where I work. Over time it has grown, I admit, but mutate? I think you are being ... Holy ...! What the HELL IS THAT THING? I ... MY GOD ...!

(Fade to black as blood curdling screams fill the air.)

Comment Re:Install Ubuntu (Score 1) 823

How do you people get your parents to use a computer to begin with? I have to print photos at Snapfish and mail letters. I know if I finally managed to convince Mom to use a PC she would abandon it in disgust the first piece of naughty spam came her way. And then shame on me!

"What people have been reduced to are mere 3-D representations of their own data." -- Arthur Miller