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Comment: Re:RAND PAUL REVOLUTION (Score 1) 478

Congratulations, you just demonstrated the irrationality he was discussing.

He pointed out that giving the $10 will *SAVE* you $1. That's a net *gain* of $1, not a net loss of *anything*. Something that saves you money costs you *less* than the alternative, not *more*.

He didn't say "net" and "save" is only a useful word when there is a net loss. Words mean things. If you're saying that giving someone $10 means I get $11 in return later, then that's a 10% gain, and worth something. Giving someone $10 so that I can save $1 is ludicrous and an obvious net loss.

Comment: Re:RAND PAUL REVOLUTION (Score 1) 478

The main problem with the basic income is that it pretends that tax payers are completely rational. Even if you lay out the argument in plain terms that explains how giving someone else $10 will in the end save them $1 from what they are spending now, they will balk at the idea.

Sounds rational to me. That's a net loss of $9. Not much, but no one really needs just $10. Assuming ratios scale with absolutes, giving $10,000 would be a net loss of $9,000.

Comment: Re:Time for the BIOS to be EEPROM again? (Score 1) 78

by Culture20 (#49813665) Attached to: Macs Vulnerable To Userland Injected EFI Rootkits

I think I like the jumper on the system board method a lot better than juggling keys. Reasons why left as an exercise.

I like the extra security of forcing someone to open the (physically locked?) machine as much as the next guy, but weigh that against the nuisance of having to do it yourself on all the Macs you own if you need to flash their EFIs for some reason. If they're iMacs, the front glass is taped to the case, and you'll need certified Apple(TM) brand replacement double sided tape to seal it back up again since the tape is one-use. Opening just one iMac is a thirty minute job if you know what you're doing.

Comment: Re:The Tron 2.0 game was the real sequel (Score 1) 189

by Culture20 (#49813595) Attached to: Tron 3 Is Cancelled

That game got Tron much better than the 2nd movie did. Having the "grid" be this walled garden didnt explore how the whole world is interconnected now. It was a terribly missed opportunity.

To add insult to injury, the game is a Disney property. Disney owns the plot of Tron 2.0 that they ignored in favor of flavorless eye candy.
The game's plot includes features like the internet, making the Recognizers into network packets (train cars) for some nice nostalgia, bits*, trying to survive in a PDA with limited RAM, email scripts being corrupted into virus spewing zombies, and an evil mega-corp planning to use the digitization tech to digitize their own paramilitary operatives into the grid so that they can literally brute force attack their enemies' computers from the inside.

*to me, the biggest example that the TRON Legacy writers were not TRON fans is that CLU2's yes-man wasn't a bit. A bit that just says yes, reluctantly says no, is destroyed, and another bit takes it place to say "yes" would satisfy nostalgia, show us CLU2's personality, and provide a little color to an otherwise bland movie.

Comment: There is truth in his question. (Score 3, Insightful) 306

Teaching coding to elementary/primary school children may not be helpful. A good portion of them may not yet grasp the perquisites necessary to understand logic for conditionals. If there are more crucial learning deficits like reading or arithmetic, then it's better to focus on them first.

All constants are variables.