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Comment Re:No. No verbing for you. (Score 1) 233

Context can help, but even if the sentences are the same, capitalization will show the difference. Article, book, and other media titles and also comic book interior text over-use capitalization, so context will matter there.
I binged on your pizza. (That's okay)
I Binged on your pizza. (Why would you ever?)
Florida Man Binges On A Pizza (News titles almost always use present tense)
Florida Man Admits He Binged On A Pizza (confusing, but the rule of man-bites-dog lets us know what the news is)

Comment Re:Make a smaller phone (Score 1) 324

I wear regular jeans that even the iphone 6plus would fit in if the jeans are laid flat on a surface, but I'm not 300 pounds, so my pockets curve more than Apple expects and the 6/6s demand. And there are smaller people than me! How did skinny California engineers come up with a design that doesn't fit in ordinary pockets?

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