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Comment Re:People are idiots. (Score 1) 361

Except when you transfer the graph over to real life (half of all people etc), you have to recognize that the area under the curve is separated into exactly the same number of sections as there are people. There are no infinitesimally small or thin points or lines in the real measurements.

Comment Re:People are idiots. (Score 1) 361

Sigh. Even with a bell curve, it's still half!

Not unless the bell curve dips suddenly to zero at IQ 100 (meaning no one has IQ 100). Also note that I defined average intelligence as a range (common parlance), not the exact spot of IQ 100. Less than half are below average and less than half are above average because a lot are average (close to 100). And if you do choose to say "no, only IQ 100 is average!" then still less than half are below and less than half are above because some are IQ 100.
I'll feed one apparent troll today.

Comment Re:People are idiots. (Score 1) 361

Half of all people are below average intelligence.

No. It's a bell curve distribution, not a line with a point at 100. Half of all people being below average would mean that no one was average. The vast majority of people are average because "average" is a small range in the middle of the bell curve. The area under the section under the curve relative to the total area under the whole curve indicates the percentage of the population. Even if you assume IQ 100 and only IQ 100 as average there are still a lot of people in that slot. Also, a very large percentage of the smaller number of people who are below average are not going to see this movie or even think about the trailer to eventually make the fallacious "based on a true story" claim (or do any of the other stupid things that often prompt this meme). Many still aren't allowed in "polite society" or are confined to home or nursing home.
So remember, when you hear about study results that say 40% of "adults on the street" can't point to Africa on a map, they're talking about a smidgeon of below average people, some of the average people, and even some of the above average people. Be happy that they know what Africa is, a map is, and that either can be on the other, but only in different ways. That they point to the wrong part of the map (or believe a movie to be "based on a true story") shows they know something.

Comment Re:No. No verbing for you. (Score 1) 233

Context can help, but even if the sentences are the same, capitalization will show the difference. Article, book, and other media titles and also comic book interior text over-use capitalization, so context will matter there.
I binged on your pizza. (That's okay)
I Binged on your pizza. (Why would you ever?)
Florida Man Binges On A Pizza (News titles almost always use present tense)
Florida Man Admits He Binged On A Pizza (confusing, but the rule of man-bites-dog lets us know what the news is)

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