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Comment Re:Apple Music (Score 1) 460

I have a big problem remembering the names of Apps, Movies, Actors, Song Names, Album Names... Search fails me completely there. I ran into this on Windows too where I wanted to find some control panel. You have to use the correct technical name for the search to be successful. I've always worked from lists and file system hierarchy. If I can remember what exactly it is called that I need to search for that method works great. A lot of the times it just slows me down and makes using the system more frustrating.

I hope tech companies the world over listen. This UI trend is not just an Apple problem. It used to be as a user you would get big scary technical error messages. That was good because you would have enough detail you could figure out a work around or search on the error and find more info to understand what's wrong and what the next steps are. Now in the name of simplicity and in the name of trying to not scare away users, even technical users have their hands tied a lot of the time. 1/2 of everything is some web based app. Every one uses different designs and standards, some good, some not so good. You end up hunting all over and different apps web based and phone based may or may not have the options.

Windows Search got broken even more with Windows 7. The handy search parameters got changed from selection fields and checkboxes into keywords you had to remember to enter into the search text box. Good luck remembering the names of the parameters.

Comment Re:What the fuck (Score 2) 145

What the fuck is this shit

I know parent post is a standard frist psot troll, but I came here to say something much like it. Beyond the sport of hunting a "great deal", if you're spending hours waiting in lines in freezing temperatures, possibly spending your health as well with the physical and mental stress, just to save yourself $50 then you're doing it wrong. Your job probably pays better per hour, and the other intangibles are priceless.
If it's an event you enjoy, and your once a year hobby, go ahead, but don't let the advertisements convince you you're making a sound financial decision.

Comment Re:drones (Score 1) 318

The first safeguard is gridlock. Gridlock was designed into the system to make passing a new law an arduous process that might take a long time unless there was true popular support. Heck, the vice president was originally the runner up in the presidential election, ensuring that ties in the senate get decided by a person the sitting president probably disagrees with. Modern DC folk like to yammer about progress as if the numbers of laws passed is directly related to the utility of congress or the whole of government itself.

I've got a bad feeling about this.