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by Culture20 (#46742883) Attached to: Is Germany Raising a Generation of Illiterates?

Fast forward to today and a part of me believes that if an educator is actually teaching words and meanings to students that their should be actually definitive meanings for terms when given the chance. We know that written language is derived from verbal communication which is why we used phonetics in the first place. So, for example, if a teacher was teaching the world "there" without a definitive meaning, then students would always have to rely on context clues to figure out if the communicator is saying the equivalent to "there, their, or they're". Which can become even more confusing if there are other words that are also homophones in the same sentence.

Is this irony or coincidence? I was never taught the difference.

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Torez and Kim trade holodeck time. I don't have the DVDs available, but it's stuff that's casually mentioned in downtime while they're doing engineering type tasks. It's not anything that is plot critical, so it rarely shows up in synopses (which I'm guessing is the only way you've "watched" Voyager if you aren't aware of the the fact that there are two crews on a starship with only two holodecks (unless you count sickbay, which I don't).
As for citing:
"KIM: Doc, how about a trade? I'm willing to throw in some holodeck time. Come on! It would mean a lot to my mother."
NEELIX: Now watch carefully. I place the tera nut under the cup. Then I shuffle them. Round and round they go. Keep your eye on the nut, but be careful, the hand is faster than the eye. Now, for three hours of Holodeck time, can you tell me where is the tera nut?

The Voyager Transcripts - Meld
PARIS: Why don't we make it interesting this time. Let's add some table stakes. KIM: What kind of stakes? PARIS: I don't know. Hmm. Couple of replicator rations, ...
The Voyager Transcripts - Parturition
... So I ate Neelix's food for a week and used my replicator rations. PARIS: Play something for me. KIM: Well, I've only had ...
The Voyager Transcripts - Warhead
... PARIS: I'll pay you back double with next month's replicator rations. NEELIX: That's what you said when I let you ...
The Voyager Transcripts - Twisted
... It must have cost you a week's worth of replicator rations. PARIS: Two weeks actually, but who's counting? I'm just glad ...
The Voyager Transcripts - Equinox
... NAOMI: If you need anything, replicator rations, a tour of the lower decks, I'm your man. GILMORE: Thank you, Miss ...
The Voyager Transcripts - Real Life
Apr 23, 1997 - ... CHAKOTAY: If we could harness some of that energy, we could go off replicator rations for a while.
The Voyager Transcripts - Scorpion
... I'm working on a plan to extend our food and replicator rations. JANEWAY: We have to act fast. The Borg have captured ...
The Voyager Transcripts - The Chute
Sep 18, 1996 - ... So, what do you say we blow a week's worth of replicator rations? KIM: So what's for dessert?
The Voyager Transcripts - The Cloud
Feb 13, 1995 - ... I'll use one of my replicator rations for coffee. NEELIX: That would not be appropriate, Captain.
The Voyager Transcripts - Before And After
Apr 9, 1997 - ... KES: I remember last month's supply of replicator rations that you borrowed, that you owe me, if that's ...

FEDERATION CREDITS (including transporter credits):
"SISKO: I remember, Jake, I wasn't much older than you when I left for San Francisco to go to Starfleet Academy. For the first few days, I was so homesick that I'd go back to my house in New Orleans every night for dinner. I'd materialise in my living room at six thirty every night and take my seat at the table just like I had come down the stairs.
JAKE: You must have used up a month's worth of transporter credits.
SISKO: My parents, they never said anything about it. Just 'how you doing, son, how was school today? They knew that I would get over being homesick soon enough. And after about the fifth, sixth day, you could pry me from that campus. Of course now, if you go to Pennington, you won't be able to beam back to the station to have dinner with your old man. After about a week or so, you'll get over it. "

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The holodeck is a scarce resource. They're new on Galaxy class starships, and there isn't one for every person. They can't all use it at the same time. I will concede that I might have conflated bits of voyager with Barclay episodes since they absolutely do trade holodeck time as currency in that show.

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And that's why they have replicator and transporter credits on Earth. It's not post-scarcity. It's not even post money because they could trade their credits for services from others. But the Federation citizens were told the lie enough that they believe it.

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Since the author was apparently born yesterday, I would like to explain a simple concept. When politicians want naive citizens to believe they're doing something when, in fact, they are not doing it and do not want to do it, they will make a big show about doing it in a very roundabout and ineffective way. This has been going on for, oh, all of recorded history.

"Oh that Pharaoh, he should build his own tomb and lie down in it."
"Great idea. I'll get right on that. We'll need some limestone..."

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For me, it would take the "cornerstone of the internet" itself being wrong, not its CEO or other individual members of the corporation. I'll bet there are some managers at Mozilla who are racist, maybe a janitor who has been convicted of assault and battery of a homosexual, and an HR rep who is Hitler reborn (that one is most likely), but I didn't hear any hew and cry over them. And they're more likely to put their personal beliefs into action than a CEO is.

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What if he had said, "blacks don't deserve the right to vote"?

I would have said "Mr. X is wrong in his view, but his company makes a mighty fine browser."
Now if Mozilla had started using HP webcams for facial recognition to determine who can and can't use Firefox, then I'd change my tune about whether the company's product should be boycotted.

When someone says "I want a programming language in which I need only say what I wish done," give him a lollipop.