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Comment Re:Wait.. (Score 1) 580

If you paid money to Microsoft for their software it's not unreasonable to expect them make sure it actually works and to fix it if they screwed something up.

Actually it is quite unreasonable to expect them to support a piece of software indefinitely or they have to involuntarily give away their source code for free.

Comment Re:Wait.. (Score 1) 580

There should most certainly be obligations of some sort, otherwise consumers face being totally screwed when a company ceases support...

This is amusing in light of the fact that most open source advocates are constantly telling people about how they have no obligation at all to support the software. If this is the case, why should Microsoft, or any proprietary vendor, have any obligation themselves?

Comment Re:s/Larry Niven/Iain M. Banks/ (Score 1) 73

PC gamers who are used to the relatively complex and in-depth menu and control systems facilitated by the mouse don't always react well to the simplified systems necessitated by controller use.

So you're too dumb to use a controller setup that even children can use and yet you claim to be superior? HAHAHAHA.

Comment Re:Apple behaving badly (Score 1) 332

First of all, I'm not entirely sold on the source of this story, since it does come from Opera's website.

Then don't believe opera and go straight to the W3C page that is the third link the summary:

The Widgets Updates Patent Advisory Group is a Patent Advisory Group (PAG) as defined by the W3C Patent Policy (PP).

The mission of this Patent Advisory Group is to study issues and propose solutions related to a patent disclosure from Apple, Inc., concerning the Widgets 1.0: Updates Working Draft.

This PAG is triggered by Section 7.1 (PAG Formation) of the Patent Policy, which states that a PAG is triggered in the event "a patent has been disclosed that may be essential, but is not available under W3C Royalty-Free licensing requirements". The specific patent is 5,764,992 (U.S.), held by Apple, Inc. Apple Inc. has excluded all claims of patent 5,764,992 (U.S.)

I know this summary is a whopping 2 sentences long but you could have made yourself look like less of a dumbass by reading it.

Comment Re:Bad Science (Score 2, Insightful) 485

How exactly would evacuating a week prior to the earthquake saved the people who died? They would have just gone back into the city after the earthquake didn't happen on the predicted day and been in harm's way anyway. Your pathetic attempt at some emotional appeal is pretty fail.

Of course you can't flap your arms and fly to the moon. After a while you'd run out of air to push against.