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Comment Re:In line with Google's plans (Score 1) 172

" In particular, I think deep learning neural networks are the core technology that will make effective fully-autonomous cars feasible (plus the sensors, but those have been available for years), and to a large degree the whole world got access to that theory and practice at about the same time."
Jeremy Howard has a TED talk on deep learning algorithms and he has a slide of a self driving Google vehicle with a caption claiming it had driven over a million miles on standard roads without incident. That talk was posted in 2014.

Comment Re:I can tell from the comments (Score 1) 382

Yep, I live in Hollywood Fl near A1A. When I moved there 20 years ago we would get an occasional flood now and then. Nowadays it seems A1A floods almost every time there is a full moon and there is a wind blowing towards shore at high tide. Though I do enjoy seeing the gliterrati driving their Ferrari's and Lamborghini's through the saltwater flooding the streets down in South Beach. I'm betting that there will be severe flooding down there when Erika blows in this weekend. Though personally I'm not too worried since I'm down in Brazil for the next couple of months...

Comment Re:Two pilots, one flies for five days straight? (Score 1) 21

The aircraft and the technology are impressive enough in their own right. The team and the sponsors that made this happen are not lightweights by any measure! However the real point of this project and adventure is basically twofold. One, to prove that off the shelf technology is available to be applied to real world applications right now, PV and battery technology is quite mature already and it does work. The second point is that whether we like it or not we, as a global industrial civilization are on the cusp of a historical transition to a completely new energy paradigm. BAU and fossil fuels got us here but from here on things will be changing at a very fast pace. We will all have to make do, and do better, with less available energy. Some of us will rise to the challenge and hopefully forge a new better and cleaner future with a smaller ecological footprint. Clinging to the old paradigm is a mistake!

Comment Re:Lawrence Krauss.. With all due respect... (Score 1) 305

100% agree with this comment and I too am an atheist and a fan of Krauss et al. The Pope did what he could do within the limited context in which he can do and say things. A billion people will listen to him and possibly start to act. I also admire the Pope for having the guts to rock the boat of the status quo!

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