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Comment Re:better off without it (Score 1) 339

Tesla is a fad like iPod's were a fad. Soon it will be normal.

This is not in any way an endorsement of Tesla. Frankly, this stunt says to me that Musk is a whiny little bitch. Criticism is necessary for product improvement, no matter how stupid it is. If you smack the ban-hammer on any slight then that's just a sign of weakness and vulnerability... and it's unlikely you will get useful feedback in the future.

Comment Re:Lack of development? (Score 0) 388

Same here but Thunderbird is very far out of date as far as development goes. For example, if I reboot my imap server Thunderbird totally loses sync and in fact will not do any updates until I close/reload it. Seriously, the network stack in Thunderbird is totally fucked up.

I continue to use Thunderbird because it is one of the few email clients that support S/MIME... a standard that has been in place for decades yet most email clients can't handle.

Comment Re:What a fucking childish logo! (Score 1) 131

I very often am one of the first to bash logos but the Perl logo is not that bad. Maybe not the greatest ever but acceptable. In fact it's way better than the Linux penguin and I say this as a Linux fan since the pre-0.9 days.

I use Perl (5) when I need high speed text/regex/string-hashing processing. It's still the the best to whip up something quick especially when processing text. For anything else I use Lua, C/C++, or if I have to, Python (blech).

Comment Re:R00tz Asylum @ defcon FTW (Score 1) 90

Yeah right. Contact us in 10 years and tell us how your grandkids are doing. If not that, then how much prison time she has left.

(for anyone less experienced: the difference between a prepubescent drone and a post-pubescent walking-hormone is quite stark)... biology is an impossible, unpredictable, power. The fact that you think you know better tells of her future.

Sorry but there is probably no way to for you to understand this until you experience it. Good luck, padawan.

Comment Re:Awful lot of money for some big flaws... (Score 1) 37

Yes, the laminator melts the toner and makes it stick to the board. For a while I would just iron it on but that can be very tricky to do (hand pressure, etc).

I use a LaserJet 1200 which prints very nice thick toner traces.

My laminator is just a cheap one from walmart that I modified to run at a higher temperature. Even at the higher temperature I have to run the board through it 5 or 6 times (at different angles) to make sure all the toner gets stuck to the board. Pre-heating the board would probably make it require less passes but it works well enough without that. Higher-end laminators work better but of course cost a lot.

For printing I use glossy magazine paper (just pages torn out of old magazines) because it's very thin and falls apart/dissolves easily in soapy water leaving just the toner on the board. Some printers will jam when printing on this stuff but the LJ1200 works no problem.

Comment Re:Awful lot of money for some big flaws... (Score 4, Informative) 37

I use a laser printer, print on glossy magazine paper, put the paper toner-side-down on the PCB, run it through a high temp laminator, peal off the paper in soapy water, then etch. Takes almost no time and I can get very near professional results. I can do extremely tight small traces no problem.

I have never tried a double-sided board but I bet I could do it by simply printing the circuit such that the paper could be folded over the PCB then the laminator would stick both sides. Probably be difficult to do but not impossible.

Comment Re:Do you know how far bullets fly? (Score 1) 620

My yard has 6 other yards along the borders. Am I not allowed to fly my "drone"* in my own yard? Because it's certainly visible below the tree line by lots of people in the area. Legally I'm allowed up to 100 feet (due to proximity to airports) in my own yard. If I'm just out sport flying in the back yard and someone shot my "drone" down I would be fucking pissed. Not only for damage but danger to myself and family.

If I where hovering at say 50 feet over my yard it would be easy to mistake it as a drone with a camera "spying" or something that someone might want to take a shot at because they can't tell who is flying it or exactly over what land. Despite me being 100% legal and not even capable of spying on anything.

(*) It's just a regular acrobatic/sport multirotor, doesn't even have a camera on it

Comment Re:Why should? (Score 1) 397

Death by airplane is "someone else's" fault. Death in a car is my fault. Even if someone else was negligent, it's still my responsibility to compensate for their idiocy. This is the Merican way. Personal freedom, choice, control, and consequences. I deal with this every day as a motorcycle rider (the ultimate in personal control and consequences).

The simple fact is, on a commercial air-flight you have absolutely no control whatsoever over your death. As a driver of a car, you do, even if it's someone else's fault. In other words, flying on a commercial airplane requires no skill, driving a vehicle does.

Comment Re:Restricting vitamin D production: not a good id (Score 1) 210

10-15 minutes is no where near enough for most people with darker skin (ie. most of the world's population). I mean, fuck, I'm only olive skinned and I need at least 30 minutes to an hour at the most "dangerous" UV exposure at the highest levels to even begin to get the benefits. I don't start to get red skin until an hour or two and that's with no previous exposure (ie. coming out of winter). In the summer I can withstand 4 to 6 hours without my skin becoming red and 8 to 10 hours before I start to "burn". Darker complications have even longer times.

I assume by the moderation that most of slashdot is made up of minority pasty white cave-dweller homebodies with brain-damage caused by vitamin D and/or B12 deficiency. You are the abnormal outliers.

Thank you very much, dorks. There is a reason you're the outliers of the human race; please don't lock me in a cell and drain my superior blood for your nefarious purposes due to your weak genes, assholes.

Comment While I doubt the seriousness of the claims here.. (Score 0, Troll) 588

While I doubt the seriousness of the claims here... I can understand. I can feel any 2.4 ghz radiation and some other radiation like Wacom devices (not sure what frequency they use). I have done blind tests and can scientifically prove without doubt that I can feel 2.4 ghz radiation with 100% accuracy. It feels like vibration in my nerves. It's actually kind of freaky. I have to be within an inch or two of the typical low-power radiation source to feel it though. I have to put my phone far enough away from my body (not that far) at night so that I can sleep.

Does this cause "sickness"? Well, who knows. All I do know is that 2.4 ghz radiation does without doubt interact with human tissue (and probably all water-based material). Does it affect most people? Probably not in any way. Could it cause cancer/whatever? Maybe, otherwise I wouldn't be able to actively detect it and I'm sure there are people more sensitive than me.

And yes, I'm completely willing to submit to any test anyone wants to perform. I have done so many times so far and they're always surprised that my sensory disorder is real. Yet somehow this never makes the news (I wonder why?). :/ Welcome to the life of an outlier.

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