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Comment: Re:Don't Mess With Martha (Score 2) 150

by Cstryon (#44976671) Attached to: Martha Stewart Out To Exterminate Patent Troll Lodsys

It may cost more. But maybe she's also considering the principal of the matter. She could be thinking "this might cost me some money, but those (whatever language nice women use) SOBs shouldn't get away with this". Plus it might give other trolls the idea that going after patents/sueing for bullshit claims may not always end in their favor. Kudos to her!

Comment: Re:In other words.... (Score 2) 528

by Cstryon (#42799751) Attached to: Ask Dr. Robert Bakker About Dinosaurs and Merging Science and Religion

Not quite. In fact I'd almost say quite the opposite. It sounds like the GP is saying that he applies credit to his god for the things that science understands, and suggesting it most likely is his god in the things we don't understand. Which means he can accept proofs, and not let his beliefs stop him from recognizing the proofs. His belief in a god gives him someone to appreciate for how the laws of nature were set/made/came to be.

I tend to agree with this. I'm not practicing any religion. But I do believe there must be a god. each time science learns something new, I credit my God* rather than trying to think of reasons why science must be wrong. No amount of science could make me think there is no god until science proves it. Meanwhile, science is just proving to me how much of a genius this god is.

*Should also point out that I would also credit the individuals involved. Man kind can do it's own thinking.

Comment: Re:It's called "Get A Grip!" (Score 1) 1127

by Cstryon (#40790681) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Preempting Sexual Harassment In the Workplace?

This is interesting. It might make a difference in the field you work. I'm an EMT working for a company that focuses on substance abuse treatment and psych treatment. The first facility i worked at, our clients were high or drunk, homeless, withdrawing, pretty much every client was at a very low point in there lives, and most didnt care. My coworkers are usually recovering drug addicts, or nurses and EMTs. The only way we could deal with the stresses was to (in good hearted ways I guess) take it out on your coworkers. The place is an HR nightmare...and we are ok with this.

Comment: Re:Maybe there's something wrong with me... (Score 1) 133

by Cstryon (#39776593) Attached to: Brain Scan Can Predict Math Mistakes

Maybe if this gets more advanced. If I were a surgeon and I get stuck, perhaps some kind of implant will tell the nurses or other Dr.s working with me that I'm stuck. Which will allow someone else to jump in, or tell me to find a way to stop, so we can go over what's next. Rather than allowing me the chance to think "oh maybe this Rolex goes on this chamber like so...".

Just so we are clear, I'm not encouraging the acceptance of bad surgeons, but may like this device could be a safe guard in case to happen to have a bad surgeon. Or a surgeon having a bad day.

Comment: Re:If this leads to a cure for Human HIV... (Score 2, Insightful) 95

by Cstryon (#39695701) Attached to: Engineered Stem Cells Seek Out and Kill HIV In Mice

The right to survive. We are fitter than them. My health, and my species health means more to me than some lower creatures life. Same reason for why I eat.

I imagine it would suck for us when some higher alien species starts doing the same thing to us. ( not likely as biologically we'd probably be very different. Maybe using us for their own benefit in some other ways),. But they would have, naturally, every right too. Good thing we are capable of complicated thought, and perhaps could up-rise.

The only thing that makes me worth living in nature is my ability to keep stronger creatures from using me for their good.

Comment: Re:Fascism (Score 1) 252

by Cstryon (#39234827) Attached to: UK Plans Private Police Force

Exactly my thought. Has anyone watched Doomsday Preppers? I'm willing to bet there are many people in the US with similar Zombie Crisis plans that they would put into play when needed. I know at least three houses I could go to where we'd be safe from these mercenaries, and those are just nerds...not hillbillies.

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