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Comment: Re:Difficult to defend against (Score 1) 630

by Crypto Gnome (#46709135) Attached to: Navy Debuts New Railgun That Launches Shells at Mach 7

It doesn't seem there would be any good defense against this.

The only conceptual defence against such a weapon would have to be some kind of force-field.

Especially when you consider this is a Generation One product.

Scaling the system up in terms of Projectile Speed, Cycle Times, etc would only be a matter of engineering.

Comment: Re:Stolen passports? (Score 1) 190

That sounds rather farfetched. Terrorists blowing up a Malaysian plane traveling to China because the US and/or Israel are killing Iranian scientists? Seriously? In case you haven't heard, China has been having a bit of a terrorism problem of its own lately, which makes a lot more sense.

Given the current political climate, I'd be more inclined to believe something along the lines of:

US Governmental Secret Agencies Destroy Malaysian Flight attempting to show that NOWHERE IN THE WORLD is safe from Terrorist Homosexual Paedophile Cannabis-users who hoard Files Released by Snowden.

Comment: One Day This Will Be Done (Score 1) 330

by Crypto Gnome (#46319855) Attached to: Japanese Firm Proposes Microwave-Linked Solar Plant On the Moon
Whether it's specifically THIS project, or another.

Whether it's The Japanese or someone else.

The incentive to achieve this is too unavoidable.

Why? (I hear you ask)

Because the distinction between a targetable multi-terawatt laser and an eco-friendly solar-power downlink is mythical (legal, at best).
So Japan can bypass (simultaneously, no less) their own constitutional ban on militarisation AND the internal treaty against "space weapons".

Comment: The Revolution will NOT be televised (Score 2) 266

In the end revolution occurs because, eventually, enough people completely lose faith in their government.

Unfortunately for most values of John Q US Citizen, nobody has the balls for it any more.

That doesn't mean there WILL NOT be a revolution

But rather that it's building up a MUCH bigger head of steam, and when it does eventually blow (most likely due to some kind of global disaster which impacts The US) it will be one appallingly unholy holocaust.

Comment: Ah! Global Warming.... (Score 2) 517

by Crypto Gnome (#45946609) Attached to: How Weather Influences Global Warming Opinions
The sad fact of the matter (irrespective of whether you're convinced for or against) is that the argument boils down to:

- Proponents argue that we should do a bunch of ecologically sound things because "for the good of the planet"
- Opponents argue that will cost large amounts of money

In the end, rampant greed puts us all in a world of hurt.

This is NOT a fight over science,
this is NOT a fight over modelling planetary weather/ecosystems/etc,
this IS a fight over "but I should be able to rake in literally trillions of dollars now, and FUCK THE CONSEQUENCES".

Comment: Re:source? (Score -1, Offtopic) 554

There is ample evidence that cyclophosphamide can cure cancer

You, sir, are AN IDIOT.

Cyclophosphamide doesn't CURE anything, period.

However it has been known to put a variety of diseases into remission.

For the record - I speak from personal experience.

Treatment with cyclophosphamide might increase your chances of living in the short-term , while increasing your risk of an early death in the future.

And here was I thinking that people on slashdot would know that (to date) the only thing that 'cures' you of cancer (and, I might add, a variety of other spectacularly nasty diseases) is death.

Comment: Re:"Unavoidable?" (Score 2) 88

by Crypto Gnome (#45451481) Attached to: NJ Gamblers May Be Locked Out By Flaws In Virtual Fence

There is always a way around it, if you're not a lazy fucktard doing the programming.

Doing anything is EASY (if not actually trivial), doing it well/properly/thoroughly is HARD in the same sense as "NP Hard".

The problem is that almost everyone happy to "just do it" (as in the sense of only just barely) rather than "If a thing is worth doing, it's worth doing well".

While it's completely off topic, this is ONE of the reasons why Apple products are very popular. Because (not always, but in most cases) the things they do are done *very* well.

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