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Comment: Re:Remember the good old days? (Score 1) 351

by Crypto Gnome (#48901311) Attached to: Americans Support Mandatory Labeling of Food That Contains DNA

The purpose of a free press is to promote a knowledgeable society. If the agenda is to stomp out the stupidity of the masses and their dangerous influence over lawmakers then yes, I welcome these agenda-toting muckrakers of truth with open arms.

No, the purpose of The Press is to sow Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt amongst the general population and THEN (and ONLY then) to TELL PEOPLE HOW, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE AND WHY to think.

At least, that's (a) what the politicians believe (b) what the editors believe (c) what most of the people end up believing.

Comment: Re:CurrentC does not solve for the Customer (Score 1) 631

by Crypto Gnome (#48257263) Attached to: Why CurrentC Will Beat Out Apple Pay

Looking through CurrentC it does everything for Merchants, and nothing for customers.

- Requires to be tied to checking account or debit card - Customer assumes 100% of liability for fraud (?!) - Retailer can gather all purchase data on a customer - Requires multistep actions including scanning QR codes

What benefit is in there for the customer? You know people are going to freak out around the liability part. I know the retailers want to reduce their transaction fee, but unless they throw some level of enticement (such as a discount) you probably won't see adoption of this. Conversely a discount will just nullify the transaction fee. I'm of the belief CurrentC is DOA.

And the funny thing is that the consortium pushing CurrentC literally TELLS YOU that "CurrentC is ALL for the benefit of the customer".

Specifically: they're a pack of lying thugs, fuck'em all.

Pay them with single dollar bills whenever possible, ideally when they force you to use CurrentC tell them to go jump for being a bunch of lying thugs and mongrels, and then walk out and shop elsewhere.

Comment: Re:As a protest to the use of these devices, (Score 1) 162

I suggest that everyone who has to go through the scanner reach down into their pants and stick their finger into their butt hole just before they have to point their finger at the detector.

Why do it yourself, when it only takes a *little* encouragement before THE TSA offers to insert THEIR finger in your butthole?

Keeping in mind that THE TSA will not stop until their knuckles are knocking your uvula, or further press-the-digit-ation is blocked at their shoulder (whichever comes last).

Comment: Robert McMillen is an idiot (Score 1) 270

Netflix happily provides servers to cache their content, for FREE. This solves the congestion issue which Comcast CLAIMS is the reason why Netflix had to cough up literally millions of dollars.

However Comcast REFUSED to deploy those FREE SERVERS.

Anyone who argues that is NOT extortion is an idiot.

Anyone who IGNORES the "refusal to deploy free servers" issue is an idiot.

Comment: Re:Strawman (Score 1) 270

the argument IS a strawman.

Because NetFLIX will HAPPILY ship a bunch of servers for you to host ON YOUR NETWORK which cache the content, thereby BYPASSING ALL YOUR 'peering costs'.

Comcast (and friends) REFUSE to let Netflix GIVE THEM THESE SERVERS, because by refusing the servers they can FORCE NETFLIX TO PAY MILLIONS OF DOLLARS.

By definition, that's EXTORTION.

Comment: No News Here (of the day) (Score 2) 109

by Crypto Gnome (#47286037) Attached to: Scientists Successfully Grow Full Head of Hair On Bald Man
Surprisingly enough they found that a patient suffering from a side-effect of an autoimmune disorder treated with a drug for treating an (other) autoimmune disorder was successful in reducing-aka-curing the side-effect.

PLUS ONE for "the scientific method", MINUS ONE THOUSAND for thinking this is in ANY way "totally amazing duude!".

BTW: you CANNOT "cure" baldness, baldness is not a disease, it's a description of a symptom.

Comment: For All The Doubters: Watch The Documentary (Score 1) 148

To anyone who thinks this research has triggered their "bullshit detector" I say "you are so full of bullshit your detector is broken".

Watch this BBC/Horizon documentary

In this video they take before/after blood samples and show at least SOME actual physiological changes, change of things in ways which we currently consider to be "good for your health".

There really (no, really really) DOES appear to be at least some valid science behind this.

Comment: Re:The penalty for treason (Score 1) 519

How, exactly, do Snowden's actions in leaking information to the media of a staunchly allied country fit the definition of treason?

The argument is that because he revealed details about foreign operations he "aided the enemy" (insert extremely rubbery definition of 'aid').

In the same way that far too many crimes are IMMEDIATELY proclaimed TERRORISM (for the sole reason that they have harsher penalties and lower requirements for proof, due diligence, etc)

Comment: Re: Traitor (Score 1) 519

So technically the definition of treason encompasses ANY whistleblower about ANY National Security issues.

Again we see overbroad and unnecessary interpretations of The Law which serve NO PURPOSE other than to silence dissent.

Sure we have oversight, and if you come forward raising your concerns we'll ignore you (and destroy your career) and if you go public in ANY way we'll accuse you of treason and destroy your entire life.

fortune: cannot execute. Out of cookies.