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Comment Re:Once you have replicators (Score 1) 4 4

Here's how Communism would make sense in that instance: With replicators- true replicators- the only input to create physical goods of ANY type is energy.

Which means there are only two things any human being would need- time and energy. Everything else can be made on the spot.

Time, well, God is a socialist when it comes to time. We are each allocated exactly 24 hours a day, no more, no less. There is nothing we can do to change the length of a day by a single instant.

Centralized power production on a grid system by the Government, with the Government owning the power plants, is such a natural monopoly that we already do it in one form even in capitalist nations- the government grants the power company a complete monopoly in a given area, usually overseen by some sort of utility board. A thin veneer of billing for energy used pays for it (supposedly), but in reality, balancing the grid is a 24x7x365 job; and you are allocated your connection to the total energy in the system.

The alternative, once replicator technology is available, is distributism and this is also seen occasionally in Star Trek, usually anti-social types who find a nice deserted hunk of rock to settle on for whatever reason (research?) visited only by the occasional passing starship. Of course, one might say that they're a commune of one (one individual, one family) and are their own government; it falls on them to generate their own energy somehow. And that's so OK with the Federation Communists that they only bother such settlements when war approaches or if they're endangering some other native population. If you have an entire universe to expand into and the means to do so, land isn't scarce anymore either.

The only thing I can't figure out is how Jean Luc's brother Robert is able to find customers for more than one bottle of wine a vintage. Seems to me it would be drop dead simple to feed a bottle into a transporter to generate a replicator pattern and have an infinite number of bottles available.

Comment Didn't the Apple Menu precede this? (Score 1) 270 270

I coulda sworn that prior to OSx there was this Apple Menu Item thingie and you could pretty much modify it to your heart's content. But hey - that was 1990s before CSS turned everything into rounded edges and HTML5 turned everything into swingie woo woo stuff and httprequest made bilge like Facebook possible....

Comment use slashdotFS (Score 3, Funny) 217 217

I use slashdotFS which is a markovian random comment generator which effectively embeds data in a stegenographic comment. The FS handles the details of creating and saving these so it's all transparent and mounts on your desktop like a regular drive. It's slow but it's capacity seems unlimited and frequently gets modded insightful

Comment Told you so. (Score 1) 158 158

Don't computerize the simple mechanical parts of a car. Just DON'T. You're collective playlists aren't worth the inevitable police and attacker control and surveillance of our cars.

No, you and you, you can't outsmart them. You can't be God King of Koding and Do It Right. There is always a way, if you permit freaking Turning machines to control your vehicle, for someone to take control.

A machine, a successful, elegant device that occupies the lowest possible fail state, is one that has as few moving parts as possible. Any turing box, by which I mean a programmable computer, that connects in is a complete failure of design if it is not utterly necessary. Brakes, steering, locks. and acceleration have been mechanical systems for over a century and a half. No need to interface hundreds of computers, sensors, and telematic holes into something that already WORKS.


Remote Control of a Car, With No Phone Or Network Connection Required 158 158

Albanach writes: Following on from this week's Wired report showing the remote control of a Jeep using a cell phone, security researchers claim to have achieved a similar result using just the car radio. Using off the shelf components to create a fake radio station, the researchers sent signals using the DAB digital radio standard used in Europe and the Asia Pacific region. After taking control of the car's entertainment system it was possible to gain control of vital car systems such as the brakes. In the wild, such an exploit could allow widespread simultaneous deployment of a hack affecting huge numbers of vehicles.

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