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Comment Re: Build one (Score 1) 320

Spore. I've also had to deal with Steam's flakey off-line mode. In fact Steam is a constant reminder to me of DRM in games.

Outside of games I've had software that I've poured hundreds of dollars into spontaneously give up on me and require permission to run again. I've never had any of these sorts of issues with console games.

Comment Re:Nice biased article leaving Apple out (Score 1) 48

And... I put my foot in my mouth. I apologize, I didn't see where you said "Google key0x89b..." That's my bad, please free to point and make fun of me. The only real excuse I have for that is undiagnosed brain-damage or something.

My tasty little slice of humble-pie aside, I hope you'll still consider the rest of my post.

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