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Comment Re:So what? (Score 1) 102

Yes that was the time- and people did.
"windows" was an industry standard term to describe windowed interfaces. Microsoft successfully stole it and there was outrage in the technical community.

Oh, bull. At best there was some mild griping about it in tech circles.

You attempted to rebut his excellent example by explaining why trademarks are useful which doesn't at all refute the OP's point.

Actually it did. Regardless of what was thought about it way back when, Microsoft owns that trademark now. Take it away from them and you create market confusion, which you don't actually want no matter how much you hate Microsoft.

Comment Re:So what? (Score 1) 102

Anyone trying to use this extremely common words combination will have to pay royalties?


This is way past ridiculous.

That's a symptom of your misunderstanding.

It's just like microsoft trying to trademark the word "Windows"...

That wasn't bad either. Nor was Palm, Oracle, Amazon, etc. The trick is to understand that the purpose of those laws is to prevent you from buying counterfeit goods. What's worse than buying a computer with Windows on it? Turning it on and finding out it won't even run Windows apps because their choice of OS has a Windows skin on it.

If you really did have a beef with Windows getting its trademark, the time to bring that up was long before Windows 95 came out and became a household brand.

Comment Re:Android? (Score 1) 177

But not Android. The entire Android design is centered around small screens, apps designed to fill entire screens, big buttons, large keyboard areas etc.

That and whatever version of Android it ships with is the one you're always going to have on it. At least that's what Samsung taught me when I bought a Galaxy Tab.

Comment Re:Didn't Like Eich (Score 2, Insightful) 187

...and the second was the removal of Brandon Eich because he held a non-progressive belief.

Why can't people that support Eich be honest about what it was that happened? He didn't get ousted for a bumper sticker on his car. Instead he used his wealth to support an ad-campaign that succeeded in suppressing the rights of up to 10% of the workers in his company. In fact we heard about this FROM HIS EMPLOYEES. He succeeded in turning the public against Mozilla. His actions didn't align with the stated goals of the organization, so ... what... were they expected to fight his battle for him?

Like or hate Eich's departure as CEO, don't overplay Mozilla's responsibilities to your personal view on the matter if you're going to underplay his role in firing a shot that struck his own employees.

Comment Nitpicks reflect less-than-compelling stories. (Score 2, Insightful) 95

This time, though, it occurred to me that someone probably wrote in to complain that the power plant was normally in a completely different part of town, no doubt adding "I really hope somebody got fired for that blunder."

Nobody has actually complained* about that because... wait for it... that episode was really good. In fact there is a special reason why they got away with that particular gag: If they had shown you an accurate portrayal of Homer's drive to work it would have taken much longer than the window of time available to make that joke funny. In other words, they didn't show you that Homer lives next door to the power plant, they just showed you that his time was wasted in a visual way.

I'm not saying you don't need to pay attention to continuity. In fact, I can tell you a simple way to avoid a good deal of continuity issues: Avoid declaring anything about a character that isn't important to the plot. Dave Lister, for example, has had his appendix out twice. They used it early on as a gag because they needed a life event that can only happen once. The second time it was to show off that a new character had benevolent intentions towards them. Did it make sense to use it the first time? Yes. The second time... Um, no, they ended up locking him into a detail for just a throwaway gag. They did, however, establish he was an orphan and that was so important that it rang several times through the entire run of the series. You won't find any lines about him knowing his biological parents** for exactly that reason. Don't say your character has a brother or sister if you never intend to meet them or at least write them in again. We hear about Rimmer's brothers all the time, for example, but have no idea if Kochanski or the Cat are only-childs. Etc. We know about Rimmer's brothers because their treatment of him as a kid has had consequences on his character. It's built in to his character that his brothers tormented him, were smarter and more successful than him, and that they were more loved by his parents than he was. Because of this nobody is going to write a Red Dwarf script where Rimmer is an only child.

That said, don't worry so much about continuity. Make your story work. If you start hearing nitpicks about your character being left-handed instead of right-handed in one episode, it's not because continuity is such an ugly sin, it's because your story isn't entertaining and the nitpicks start becoming a lot more observable.

Oh... that and assholes like me look for problems like that just so we can point them out in order to look smarter. Don't worry about us, though, we paid for the DVD's and/or books because we wanted to go overboard researching it. ;)

* Not one person saw that and said "I won't watch that show anymore."

** Yes, I know there's a problem with that statement, no I don't want to go into it.

Comment Re:WoW! really its taken this long to figure that (Score 1) 119

Maybe I'm out of touch or something but I didn't even know what MOBA is.

It's just a subsection of RTS games. In terms of categorization it's right up there with people who play kart games on-line.

It was a term invented to make the PC Master Race sound like they have broader horizons than they really do.

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